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The opal is a stone close to my heart. So that’s a bit of an Aussie thing, but sometimes you have to just let yourself be proud of where you come from! Good and, well, less...

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snooze button garance dore illustrations

The Snooze Button

I think my body may be in hibernation mode… It’s that time of year, when all I want to...

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half moon ten over ten nail art beauty anna sheffiedl ring garance dore photos

Half Moon

For those of us less courageous in the nail art domain… I think I’ve found a solution! A...

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melanie huynh style story garance dore photos

Style Story / Melanie

How can you not fall for Melanie’s style? It’s bold but has a total ease to it, and...

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chill pill sarah's bag clutch photos

Chill Pill

A small reminder that we all need to take a moment to chill every now and then comes in the form of...

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Solid Ground

I’ve become the cheerleader for solid perfumes.* (Niche, I know, but someone has to do it.)...

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raury on repeat music musician garance dore

Raury On Repeat

Recently, I have been listening to Raury on repeat. If you haven’t been introduced, he’s...

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Ultimate Costume Pressure

This weekend is Halloween, and that means… I’m leaving town! I don’t mean to rain on...

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In Paris, I’m always charmed by the history, which is just everywhere.  And you feel it even...

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the martian movie matt damon review garance dore

Film Review : The Martian

I love Ridley Scott and I love Matt Damon, so it’s no surprise that I love The Martian. First...

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the line turtleneck sweater garance dore photos

Soft Touch

Ever since I felt the tiniest hint of a fall breeze, my sweater obsession has gone into...

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Alana On Crosby Street

Yes! Another turtleneck! But this time in a softer, more feminine style that Alana somehow perfectly...

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Dior Sans Simons

You probably heard that Raf Simons is leaving Dior. We’ve all been talking about it in the...

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neada jane the chop and change bumble and bumble garance dore photos

Chop & Change

I have loved – and been tormented by – my long hair. It was kind of my signature of...

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Overnight Sensation

Now that we’re transitioning a little into hibernation mode as fall sets in, we’ve been...

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Back to the Bar

Have you noticed that bar soap is really making a comeback, even for the face? I’m not sure if...

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Hotel Providence

I love when visiting a hotel means a complete escape, taking you somewhere that’s a...

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Fashion & Technology

G was waaaaay ahead of the curve with this one. Remember that Pardon My French from four years ago...

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