A Beauty Minute with Agata Danilova

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Morning: After waking up, I take an ice cold shower. Cold showers are stimulating for the immune system and it makes me feel so awake – no coffee necessary. My beauty routine is pretty simple.

In the morning, I just splash cold water on my face and then apply the TULURA Duo. The Vitamin Peptide Serum instantly sinks into the skin and has awesome anti-aging benefits from the peptides and antioxidants. I finish with their Botanical Facial Oil. It has so many healing ingredients like Tamanu, Hemp, and Marula. Their formula changes with the seasons!

Beauty is about how you feel- I stick to highly nutritious foods, I keep my body in shape by surfing or swimming in the ocean as much and as often as I can, anywhere I am. I practice yoga, pilates, and dance and when I have time I catch a class at SkyTing. I love running outside by the river just as the sun is coming up- its another form of meditation for me.

Day: I always carry The TULURA 2017 Summer Mist, a big bottle of flat water, a book – I prefer to read and hold the pages in my hands instead of staring at an iPhone. In my bag I also have some film from my latest travels, shells from the beach, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment (the best thing for dry lips) and my swimsuit at all times- just in case I have an opportunity to jump in the water. For SPF I use Surf Mud Pro + Zinc by Eir NYC – I keep it pretty basic because I dont like to clog the pores with extra gunk- their product has simple ingredients so it great for my sensitive skin and long lasting when Im in the water.

Night: On shoot days I never cleanse on set with makeup remover- it’s too drying for my sensitive skin and it actually never does a proper job of cleansing. I remove my makeup at home with coconut oil and rose water. It dissolves the makeup and cleanses the pores without stripping the skin. After cleansing I follow with the TULURA Duo. Working as a model, I am constantly having so many different products and makeup on my skin that I try to keep my beauty routine as uncomplicated and organic as possible.


Agata Danilova is a model and surfer from Russia. When she’s not looking really cute in gingham, she’s inspiring us to get active, ideally at the beach!

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  • Her skin is amazing, maybe I should try to strip my skincare routine back! I have too much fun thought ;)

  • Something I share with Agata : a book instead of a phone or pad !

  • J’adore la philosophie de vie d’Agata très naturelle et dynamique. Elle a raison. Nous avons besoin de nous connecter avec la nature pour nous sentir mieux. Et de prendre des petits moments rien que pour nous-mêmes. Et de bouger. Souvent on s’occupe plutôt de nos âmes et on oublie nos corps. Ce n’est pas toujours facile quand on vit dans des grandes villes. J’essaie de marcher le plus possible, je danse et je profite des jardins parisiens. Et rien ne me ressource mieux que de prendre un verre avec un bon ami. En tout cas cet article est très inspirant!

  • Very dedicated with the cold shower. I wish I could sub a cold shower for coffee and feel good about it. I’m sure it is an acquired taste.

  • J’adore la philosophie de vie d’Agata très naturelle et dynamique , merci bien

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