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A Beauty Minute with Dr. Barbara Sturm

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Dr. Barbara Sturm is a beauty icon who needs no introduction! We are thrilled to have her expertise on the site today. And if any of you are in LA we suggest you take a trip to her newly opened spa and boutique in West Hollywood.

What is your morning beauty routine?

I need my skincare routine to be simple. A few days a week, I apply my hydrating Face Mask first thing in the morning, while drinking my latte and responding to overnight emails. Twice a week, I’ll either use the Facial Scrub or Enzyme Cleanser in the shower on my face and body to remove dead skin cells, boost circulation and encourage skin renewal. The rest of the time I cleanse with my Cleanser. Immediately after showering (which is important to avoid osmosis/trans-epidermal water loss), I apply my Balancing Toner, then Hyaluronic Serum and Anti-Pollution Drops, Face Cream and Eye Cream. The Lifting Serum is so amazing. I love applying it after my moisturizer. Not counting the Face Mask, my entire skincare routine takes only 1-2 minutes.

I rarely wear makeup but when I do, I opt for eye shadow by Anastasia Beverly Hills and Westman Atelier’s Vital Skin Foundation Stick. I also love Jillian Dempsey’s Lid Tints because I can apply those with just with my fingertips. Jillian Dempsey’s Gold Sculpting Bar is amazing, too.
I don’t take much time on my hair routine on any day. In the shower, I like to use Shampoo & Conditioner by The Ouai. I have short hair, and extra haircare for me means I blow dry it. I recently launched my Scalp Serum and I give that dual use as my scalp protection & haircare product.
What products to use throughout the day?

There are a few! The Lip Balm is amazing for a super glowy effect and for maintaining hydration. And of course, the Glow Drops has become a constant for me – I typically wear it instead of makeup to instantly brighten up my skin for all of my Zoom meetings, Instagram Lives, Skin Schools and Masterclasses. It’s essential for a natural and healthy Sturm glow. I keep my Hydrating Face Mist with me to refresh and replenish my skin throughout the day. It contains Hyaluronic Acid for a powerful hydration drench and Purslane, an ingredient that has been widely studied for both its anti-aging and healing properties. I also added Aloe Vera which provides moisture and soothes, and Prickly Pear Extract which has skin hydrating and nourishing fatty acids. It provides every skin type with a burst of pure hydration, detoxification, and revitalization.
What is your evening beauty routine?

At night, I always cleanse before bed to remove pollution, pathogens, oil, makeup, and other impurities from the skin before sleep. Cleansing also prepares the skin to receive active ingredients that assist the body’s night-time reparative processes. My Night Serum boosts this renewal process with active ingredients that include Cotton Thistle Extract to counteract dryness and stressed skin, Senna Alata Extract that aids the skin’s own protection against UV-induced damage and Poria Cocos, which provides astringent, toning and calming properties. I also take my Sleep Food supplements before bed, especially after a stress-filled day. It’s a blend of natural active ingredients that relax the body and mind and helps me fall asleep sooner and deeper. Morning and night, I use my Dr. Apa Toothbrush & Toothpaste. Sleep is also non-negotiable part of my beauty regime. Hormone levels and other changes that occur while we sleep make this a critical period for cellular rejuvenation and related processes.
What is your definition of beauty?

Healthiness, happiness, and confidence from the inside out. Healthy, hydrated, and radiant skin that doesn’t require makeup and is beautiful on its own. And that is a central premise of my skincare line and approach as a doctor. I focus on the health of my skin, and view healthy skin as beautiful, glowing skin that I feel confident in. That’s beauty!
When do you feel most beautiful?

I don’t think I’m any different from anyone else; when I’m getting enough exercise, enough sleep and my children are happy – I am at my happiest. 

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