A Beauty Minute with Gabby

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Morning: I wake up and every morning and use Glossier Milky Jelly on my skin. Then I use Kiehl’s Manuka Honey moisturizer, it’s super sweet and I love the smell. For beauty I use Bare Minerals beauty serum concealer, boy brow in black, and Milk Makeup blush oil. My hair is probably the most important part of my daily routine. Especially in the winter when you need to go the extra mile to keep my hair hydrated. I am an avid user of coconut oil and shea butter. I comb it through my hair everyday to make sure my curls are looking fresh and healthy!

Day: The only thing I really bring with me during the day is chapstick and mascara. I use Kiehl’s tinted chapstick and Milk Makeup ubame mascara.

Night: I use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery oil to get all the grime of the day off my face and Bare Minerals Butter Drench moisturizer right before bed to make my skin soft and dewey.


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  • Beware of coconut oil, it can be great for some hair (mine for example), and detrimental to others, so just make a test on a few strands to see it does not make them completely dry.
    Same thing with organ oil : it was a disaster for my hair ant took me month to get them back.

  • Thanks for sharing Gabby’s routine. I always wondered about what my options are in-terms of finding a beauty routine (so many products option out now especially chemical free ones) that caters to my own personal needs.

    As for the coconut oil it all depends on the hair texture AND the environment (+ location) the beautiful thing though is the colder weather allows the opportunity to try a variety of different healthy oils out there that works from head to toe.

  • She’s absolutely gorgeous

  • Oh my goodness so lovely!

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