A Beauty Minute with Helen Reavey

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Helen Reavey knows good hair! She founded Act + Acre to help your scalp and thus…. yep, your hair. Below she chatted all things beauty, including what she does for perfect hair.


What is your morning beauty routine?

So, first thing in the morning, I’ll take a shower. I will use Act + Acre Scalp Detox or Scalp Renew, every two to three hair washes, depending on what I want to do that day. If I’m going to air dry I want it to have texture and so I don’t want it to be too soft so I’ll just use conditioner, but if I want to blow dry it and have it smooth then I’ll use the hair mask.
A lot of time I leave my hair to dry naturally.

For skin, I love Paula’s Choice Salicylic Acid. It is insanely good, it has changed my whole life. I’m obsessed with salicylic acid and we have it in our scalp renew as well.

Then Art + Acre’s Stem Cell Serum is something that I use on my scalp every day. And I’ll put it on my face as well.

I also love The Ordinary. I just go and buy everything from them.

I always put on moisturizer first, then oil on top, because I learned that from all the makeup artists and beauty skin experts that I’ve been working with for years. And it’s the same with hair, like you put your hair mask on which is like your moisturizer then you go and put the hair oil on it afterwards.

What products do you use throughout the day?
Lip balm. My lip balm recently has been Tata Harper’s. I’m not a big lipstick person, I like just a little bit of balm, or a little bit of nude. And I think I like to do my eyes more than my lips. I honestly feel like too grown up with my lips done for some reason.

Did you learn about beauty at all from the older women in your family, and if so what?
My mom never really wore makeup. And she had the most simple skincare routine and the most gorgeous skin, so don’t complicate it.. But she never went in the sun, so I didn’t take that advice from her at all. But she used this cream called Pond’s, and that was the only thing she ever used, and she still uses it to today.

My mom did teach me about removal of product in your hair. Because she had me using the Neutrogena clarifying shampoo twenty-five years ago. I remember once a week she made me wash my hair with it. I thought that was normal, so I was used to doing something like that my whole life.

When in your life do you feel most beautiful?
When I’ve had plenty of sleep and plenty of water. And when I’ve come back from the beach, not too tanned or sunburned, sun-kissed I suppose.

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