A beauty minute with Jessica Joffe

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Morning: I’ve been told by multiple dermatologists never to wash my face with anything more than water — red hair generally comes with sensitive skin. But in a city like NY where you spend all day getting farted on by cars and Fresh Direct trucks, that just seems nuts, so the next best thing is Simple Moisturizing Face Wash.

It’s a few bucks from the drug store and more effective than anything else I’ve used. I still get a pimple here and there but I’ll blame that on my Cheezit and ice cream habit and the fact that I think sleep is ‘boring.’ I make up for the money I saved on face wash by spending $108 on rose water from Amanda Lacey, which I use as toner. I’m not sure it does anything but it smells good and feels nice. Depending on the season, I use a day cream with SPF 20 or 30 or an actual sunblock (Chanel has a nice thin one that doesn’t sit on your skin like diaper rash creme) under my moisturizer. La Prairie makes one I like at the moment.

I try to use eye cream but it’s like flossing. I forget half the time. Don’t tell my dentist. The stuff I use is from Lancôme and it’s called Yeux Absolu. It comes in a nice gold bottle and feels more glamorous than I do. I like the little wrinkles around my eyes. And the quotation marks around my mouth. I really like imperfections in people.

My skin is much more robust in summer, and can tolerate a lighter cream, but winter is a constant battle. I have to be very careful not to over-cleanse or touch my face or not get enough sleep or not turn the radiators up to 1 million degrees. My skin gets very dry and irritated as soon as the temperature drops but using a heavy cream will lead to breakouts. If the cream is too light my skin will get itchy and take on the texture of an old pumice stone. The best cream I’ve found for the task is one you can only get in Swiss pharmacies (and on the internet) called EM Sana. It looks blue grey when it comes out of the tube and smells like cement mixed with deodorant but it’s very calming and protective. I do not use SPF in winter unless I’m skiing. I like the kind of war paint sunblock I used to wear as a kid in the 80s. I wonder whether they still make that…

Day: I don’t generally wear makeup unless I absolutely have to. I hate it. If I do, I use concealer on the uneven areas around my eyes, nose and mouth, a little bit of mascara and blush on the apples of my cheeks. I always have 48 lip glosses floating around in my bag, so I’ll wear the first one I fish out. I also have cuticle oil in my bag that I try to use every time I wash my hands.

Night: At night I do the same thing as I do in the morning except I use a night serum at the end by Estée Lauder. It comes in a very adult, brown bottle and makes me feel like I’m doing something for my future, like opening a 401K. If I’ve had a particularly long day I’ll take another shower and wash my hair. I like Sachajuan and Living Proof products. I generally go to sleep with wet hair because I’m too lazy to blow dry it. The added uncertainty of how it might look in the morning makes it fun.”


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