A Beauty Minute with Namsa Leuba

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What does your morning beauty routine look like?
I use rose water, La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Eye Lift, and a day moisturizer.

What products do you keep near you throughout the day to get you through the day?
I always have La Roche-Posay Barrier Repairing Balm on me.

What does your nightly beauty routine look like?
I use rose water again and a rose musquée oil.

How do you define beauty?
To feel a harmony and an emotion.

What is the intersection of art and beauty in your mind?
Art and beauty are to be linked either by what beauty shows figuratively, or what it represents conceptually.

Namsa Leuba is a graduate of the esteemed Lausanne University of Art and Design (ECAL), a post-secondary educational institution known for promoting Swiss creativity around the world and ranked among the world’s top 10 universities of art.

Namsa studied photography at ECAL, Lausanne, and obtained a Masters in Art Direction. Ms Leuba’s diverse photographic practice examines the representation of African identity through the Western imagination. Spanning documentary, fashion and performance, Ms Leuba creates a visual imaginary that explores the signs and symbols of her cultural heritage. In 2010, Leuba won First Prize at the Planches Contact Festival in Deauville, France – followed in 2012 by the PhotoGlobal Prize at the Photography Festival in Hyères, France. She was the winner of the Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Festival in 2013. In 2017, her work has been nominated for the Foam Talent prize.

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