A Beauty Minute With Sarah

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Erik Melvin

Morning: In the morning I use lotion P50 and this other serum from Biologique, the toner is amazing. Then I use the Biologique moisturizer, then sunblock.

Day: I put P50 on again. I use it three times a day because it’s everything. I have a ton of makeup all the time. I use Shiseido foundation, Stila liquid eyeliner, and mascara obviously. This Tarte blush because the stick is really amazing and the YSL Touche Eclat for under the eyes. I always carry an eyelash curler.

Night: I take off my make up with Biologique. The lotion P50 and the VIP02. I only use Biologique. The face wash is amazing because you put it on dry and you rub it in to get all the sh*t off your your face. Rub it in, rub it in, then you wash it off with water. So no water until you are fully taking it off. The product is a normal face wash. Then whatever you put on after the P50 totally doubles the affect. Then I use this collagen serum and this other lighting serum which is for people who smoke, which I have, but I no longer smoke. I use it to make myself look beautiful and young, it’s this oil that you put underneath your eyes and it lightens your skin and makes you look glorious. My main product is the ViaMagic mask, it’s my favorite. You lie down, put it on, it gets stiff, and it sucks up your face. It’s incredible.


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