A Beauty Minute With Sheena Yaitanes

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Morning: If everything is going well and I’m running on time, I take one extra minute before my shower to dry brush. It’s so quick and makes my skin look and feel dramatically better, so I love doing it. I cleanse my face in the shower using True Botanicals Clear Hydrating Cleanser, and I take a minute working it in and massaging my face. I use True Botanical Nourishing Wash on my body. Out of the shower, I massage my face with Dr. Roebuck’s No Worries Hydrating Face Moisturizer.

I get dressed while that absorbs, which also helps me decide the makeup colors that will work best. My makeup routine takes less than 5 minutes. I use my fingers to sweep 4-5 drops of Kosas Tinted Face Oil (I wear Tone 06) all over my face, then I use a blush brush to sweep Kosas Powder Blush and Highlighter Duo in Contrachroma along the tops of my cheekbones to quickly sculpt my face, and then I apply a lipstick that works with my outfit. Right now I’m reaching for Kosas Weightless Lip Color in Phoenix almost every day, which is the perfect, fiery, ultra flattering red that lights up my entire face.

Day: I very rarely reapply or touch up my makeup throughout the day, because I formulated Kosas products to be long lasting and also to look good as you wear them in. Typically at some point in the afternoon, I use a square of toilet paper to blot away excess oil, and that instantly refreshes my Tinted Face Oil and blush. If I’m on the road, I will carry my Kosas Cream Blush and Highlighter duo compact in Tropic Equinox, because I can apply it with my fingertips if needed, but mostly because it has a nice, large mirror that I can use to check my lipstick and teeth after eating. I’ll carry the lip color I’m wearing that day, along with another Kosas lip care product that I’ve been working on. To reapply lipstick, I just add a swipe to my bottom lip and smush my lips together to blend.

Evening: The first step is to remove my makeup. I first use True Botanical Pre Cleanse to melt and emulsify my makeup, then I mix a little bit of Dr Roebucks Noosa Creme Cleanser with a squirt of Bioderma Micellar Water in the palm of my hand and cleanse my entire face. Right now, I’m loving the Dr Roebuck’s True Blue Hydrating Serum. It’s the first hyaluronic serum I’ve used that doesn’t seem to dehydrate the surface of my skin. Just before I go to sleep, I rub 2 drops of pure, Persian rose water between the palms of my hands, and pat my face while inhaling the scent, then I repeat with Hawaiian sandalwood oil.

Tell us about your Tinted Face Oil.
Everything we do comes from a desire to support women on their journey to confidence. Tinted Face Oil was designed so that any woman, with any level of skill, could achieve finished skin in a very short amount of time, all using ingredients that promote healthier skin underneath it.

What has been your relationship with makeup throughout your life?
I’ve always had a strong bond with makeup. I’ve studied it, played with it, used too much of it, abandoned it. But I’ve always believed in it’s goodness, because I know that it’s something I always use lovingly when I am in my best relationship with myself.

Sheena Yaitanes is the founder of Kosas, artist, wife, mother & life-long beauty devotee. Driven by her love of makeup, Sheena majored in chemistry and biology in university, earned her MBA, and completed an 18-month long fine arts apprenticeship. By combining her passions for science and art, Sheena created a collection of wearable, natural makeup for everyone who celebrates beauty as much as she does. Follow along with Sheena on Instagram here and stay up to date with Kosas by following them here!

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  • Such beauty! Thank you for sharing, I was not familiar with this beauty line previously. Most appreciated! And gorgeous!

  • Okay –

    Based on this post – I just went out and bought the tinted face oil (I was already a fan of the lipstick!) — Day 2 and I am loving it…I need to little and it evens me out and sinks right in.

    Thanks for something entirely new!

  • Shireen Bora January, 22 2019, 6:19 / Reply

    Stunning! – Shireen Bora

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