All Banged Up

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Photos Erik Melvin

Bangs are having a moment here in the studio.

Ok so it’s bigger than a moment – it started nearly two years ago when I decided to chop mine. But since then, the affinity for bangs around here has significantly increased! Pia, our photographer and resident blonde has her own slight side-feather happening – which is occasionally (and endearingly) uneven when she trims it herself. And recently, Brie really went for it and chopped her long, California beach babe locks to frame her face with a short baby-bang a la Audrey Hepburn. But like most bang instances, now that she has them, it’s almost hard to imagine her prior to the cut.

It’s true that, like Sandra in the photograph above, they can be that thing that defines your look. Everyone notices a new fringe, and once you have it, when you grow it out, it’s a bit like a chameleon shedding a skin and becoming new. The decision to get bangs is a significant one, and it has the potential to change a lot of things – like the way you wear your makeup or choose the clothes you wear. For me, the big question now is do I want my bangs for my wedding? I’m still not sure, but if the answer is no then I need to start growing them out now…

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  • Yes! Bangs are the cutest right now. My sister just got hers back and they look so amazing. What are some fun ways you guys are styling them?

  • Orangeufunny February, 20 2017, 10:51 / Reply

    Bangs are great for people like me who hate hair hanging in their eyes and swinging into their mouths and such. I can’t even have a side-swept bang because I don’t like barrettes or clips and I keep pushing the side bangs out of my face as well. Bangs are for people who may have a very long or large forehead or a long narrow face, if they prefer not to show off those attributes. Bangs can hide wrinkles or sun damage on the forehead. It’s been told, they can bring back a youthful appearance as well. They do require regular trims, but if you watch enough YouTube videos, you should be able to do it yourself. They are not for everyone, but for some of us, they can solve a lot of issues with one slice.

  • I do like the idea of bangs – they can be quite chic and remind me of inspirational icons like Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin.
    However, I don’t think I would be comfortable having them permanently (I also like my hair with no bangs, and they are difficult to take care of, plus they can make your forehead a bit oily), so I would rather consider some “fake” ones. The question is, how natural would they look and how easy would it be to put them on/take them off…?

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