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Amanda Chantal Bacon is the leading lady behind the Los Angeles based cult wellness line, Moon Juice. Don’t let the name fool you, they do a lot more than just juice, including a line of adaptogen powders formulated to help combat stress with such names as Brain Dust, Sex Dust and Power Dust. Anyone who concocted a product named Sex Dust has our attention. Read on for more about Amanda’s personal wellness routine.


Every day…
I drink a warm tonic with adaptogens and protein to manage stress usually twice daily (a recipe using Moon Juice Dusts, tocos and protein), along with a meditation. This doesn’t always get to happen first thing in the morning, sometimes it takes place in my parked car between school drop off and work. I also take a handful of supplements to support my thyroid function and hormones. I rinse my face with water in the morning and layer a plumping jelly serum (it’s my own formulation available for all come July!) and a sunscreen if I’m going to be outside. Nightly I drink Magnesium Calm and use a 5 acid potion with reishi on my face (also something I’ve formulated over the past year that will be available come July) and layer shea butter on my lips and under my eyes. Finally, I prefer to sleep on a bio mat.

Every week..
I use Ziip on my face, get a good dry brushing in before a shower, get on my rebounder for a good lymphatic stimulation– usually the length of 3 songs and take a walk, even if it’s just up and down the road. I will use a hair oil or even just coconut oil to saturate the ends of my hair the night before I wash it. I am also sure to get acupuncture weekly. It happens throughout the week but I make sure that my husband and I get time to deeply relax and connect with one another without any demands on us.

Every month…
I see Anna at Ricari Studios for Endermologie. I get into nature and off the phone for family time. I see my Kinesiologist, which is important to me. I also make sure there is some alone/ silent time and I schedule a deep hang with one of my friends, usually on an epic hike.

Every year…
I get full blood and hormone panels done 4 times a year, this is crucial for managing auto immune conditions and will set the course for supplementation and action or a call for less action. I see Melanie Simon for an electric and awakening facial. I leave the country to support my habitual point of view. I go on some type of meditative retreat, and I do a green juice cleanse, as well as a colonic. I’ll read 4-5 books that expand my perspective on either medicine or consciousness.

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  • Thanks for sharing all of this. I’m curious to know what you take to maintain your thyroid levels. Can you share what supplements work for you?
    xo – Kathryn

  • Laura Yeh April, 2 2018, 3:53 / Reply

    Where is her shirt from? I love it!

  • Veronica April, 5 2018, 8:59

    It’s by Les Aperizes, blouse #602. xo!

  • I’d also like to know where her shirt’s from! :)

  • Veronica April, 5 2018, 8:58

    It’s by Les Aperizes, blouse #602

  • I stopped in at the Venice location, along with my sometimes very high maintenance friend. I believe it was Amanda behind the counter that day. She was very kind and patient. I ordered the gingered lemon juice. Looooooved it! Hung on to the bottle for recycling. So an overall win situation.

  • Thank you for the wonderful interview! I’d also love to know where her jeans are from too :)

  • This is the first I have heard of a rebounder, but I googled it is a trampoline for adults! I could get into that. I am very intrigued by the face products she kept alluding to. I am reviewing my current favorites – hyaluronic acid ( and vitamin c (

  • thank you for another wonderful interview with an awesome L.A. leading lady. Amanda sometimes gets some pushback, but she goes for what she believes in, and is very successful. Cute top, who is it by?
    xx SimonaHollywood Daze giveaway with Eberjey and Anthropologie

  • Veronica April, 5 2018, 8:58

    It’s by Les Aperizes, blouse #602

  • For those who inquired about the shirt Amanda is wearing, it is by us, LES APERIZES. This is blouse#602. It is cut in a dreamy organic 2 ply Swiss cotton and features a Peter Pan collar with Swiss cotton scalloped lace edging, puff sleeves, vintage mother-of pearl buttons and is made in California! For more details about it, you may visit us at and you can also find us on Instagram @lesaperizes. !Thank you for your interest :)!

  • Veronica April, 5 2018, 8:57

    Thank you, Les Asperizes! xo

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