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We are all a little bit obsessed with the goddess that is Mia Rigden. As I type this, Tori and Pia are shooting something else with Mia right now and I’m super jealous they get to be in her presence for the afternoon! She has a grounding energy and bright smile that draws everyone a little bit closer to her. She also happens to have a kick ass wellness community, Rasa Life. We asked her to expand a bit more on her wellness routines so we could all glow a bit more like Mia.


Every day…
I leave a minimum of 12 hours between dinner and breakfast every day. That means, if I eat dinner at 8pm, I don’t eat breakfast until after 8am. Intermittent fasting is a great tool for weight management, detoxification and fighting inflammation. The best part is that it doesn’t require changing any of your eating habits (besides timing), so it’s really easy to do at home or when traveling. Intermittent fasting also helps me to not snack mindlessly at night. A few days a week I’ll even extend my fast to 16 or 18 hours by eating an earlier dinner and a later breakfast.

I’m big on oral care. Your mouth is where digestion begins, so it’s important to keep it clean and well-populated with enzymes and healthy bacteria. Oil pulling is an ayurvedic practice and an amazing daily detoxifier, and makes your teeth feel cleaner and look whiter than any amount of brushing and flossing can achieve. You basically just swish about 1 tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 5-20 minutes. All the nasties bind with the oil, which you then spit out, making it a really effective and gentle way of cleansing your mouth. I use Desert Essence’s mint oil pulling blend because I like the taste, but you can use coconut, olive or sesame oil as well. And tongue scrapers are oddly addictive.

I also love a morning snuggle with my husband. I know that sounds cheesy, but it just sets the tone for a good day. Luckily, we’re both cuddlers, so it works.

Every week…
Fitness is a constant for me. Every week I like to get in a mix of weight training, cardio and yoga. ModelFit’s sculpt and cardio classes are my favorite, and I kind of bounce around yoga studios. I recently moved to Brooklyn and still haven’t found my teacher or studio (but I’m searching!).

I also only wash my hair once a week. I started training my hair about a year ago. At first it would get really greasy after a few days, but now I can go a full week with barely any dry shampoo.

Every month…
I try to get a non-toxic facial once a month. HeyDay is my favorite because it’s convenient and they use great products.

I also like to host at least one dinner party per month. I love planning menus and having friends over—it’s one of my favorite activities. And to me, there is nothing healthier than sharing good food and conversation with friends and family.

Every year…
I do the RASA Challenge! We change year over year—our bodies, our lifestyle, our environment—it’s important to be adaptable with your wellness routines and check in with yourself. The RASA Challenge is a 21 day whole foods detox. During the Challenge, you avoid foods that commonly cause digestive discomfort and spike blood sugar levels. This includes dairy, grains, sugar, alcohol, processed foods, etc. The idea is to give your body time to heal, especially your gut, and stabilize your blood sugar levels to help conquer sugar cravings. It’s a mind, body, soul detox that promotes healthy lifestyle changes and creates new habits that stick. I place a big emphasis on celebrating foods with seasonal recipes that can be incorporated into post-detox life. Every time I do it, I learn something new about my body and discover new foods that I love and that support my lifestyle. It gives my body time to rest and reset, plus allows me to get organized and catch up on life. And don’t be fooled by my occupation, I like to indulge in chocolate and wine as much as anyone, so sometimes I need a detox to get back on track.

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