All is Well with Shiva Rose

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Shiva Rose is much like a rose itself. She is both multi-layered, strong and sensual. Shiva started out as an actress but ten years ago she made a huge lifestyle shift to overcome an autoimmune illness. It was then that she started her holistic life style blog, The Local Rose, in an attempt to get closer to earth and all its beauty. That site launched a non-toxic beauty brand, Shiva Rose Beauty, that is carried in multiple stores and on Goop. Shiva lives in the Santa Monica Mountains with her daughter Charlotte and a menagerie of animals, because would you expect anything else? :) You can follow along with her on Instagram, here.

Shiva’s book Whole Beauty was just published in April. The below except is taken from her intro to the book and beautifully sets up her approach to wellness.

“I truly believe that beautifying ourselves holistically is an integral part of self-care, health, and healing. When we treat our body, our vessel, with intention, we are honoring not just ourselves but the essence of femininity that has coursed through us since the beginning of time. I hope to inspire you to start your own wellness journey and to not give up as you traverse the peaks and valleys.”


Every day…

For maintaining my daily rhythm of wellness and being grounded, I greet the day with a short kundalini meditation where I connect to source energy. I then will do a small tea ceremony with Living Tea. This entails sitting in the quiet on the earth in the garden, boiling water, pouring water over some tea in a bowl, and drinking it as a form of meditation. I always end the day with a bath where I can use the ritual of body scrubbing, and then anointing with oil to reset my system.

Every week…

For maintaining my state of weekly well being, I make sure to get out into the natural world without my phone. I will usually go on a hike in the canyons behind my home with my shepherd dog. There I will connect to the blooming wild flowers and medicinal herbs like mugwort and elder trees. I also will do a beauty face scrub, like my saffron rose scrub, to keep my face clear and bright.

All is Well with Shiva Rose

Every month…

For my monthly maintenance of staying in tune I will connect to the new moon and full moon every month. The new moon is the time to go inward and to plant new seeds, set intentions, journal about goals. Full moons are good times to cleanse and clear what no longer serves us. This is also the best time to charge crystals by the light of the moon and to do beauty rituals like face masks and body scrubs.

Every year…

I try to go away to a place that resonates with my spirit at least once a year. This could be the mountains of New Mexico, the forests of Big Sur or Mount Shasta, or the Isle of Kauai. Here I will try to disconnect from the grid and fill myself up with the natural world and all its beauty.

All is Well with Shiva Rose


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