For the Love of Scents

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We are using our olfactory receptors today with LA-based artisanal perfumer Linda Sivrican of Capsule Parfumerie. We asked her about her beauty routine and her love of scents as she gave us a tour of her gorgeous parfumerie.


What is your morning beauty routine?

I always start the morning with a cold glass of water, a squeeze of lemon, and a fresh sprig of herbs. Tarragon is my favorite. I love Marvis toothpaste and I have flavors on rotation ranging from anise and rose, to jasmine and ginger. For skin I’ll use facial mists and oils that I blend myself. I’ll massage my face with a jade roller to energize the muscles and release tension. For makeup, I have go-to favorites from Nars or Koh Gen Do. I like to use their lighter foundations that are more like tinted moisturizers so that my freckles still show and I like Glossier’s highlighter and boy brow. I always love black liner and an occasional bright blue eyeliner. My daughter is really into makeup and is always researching brands so I look to her for new color products. She’s turned me onto Ilia, Kosas, Tower 28 and some great Korean brands.

What products do you use throughout the day?

I’m always hydrating my face with fragrant facial mists. I like to drink mineral water throughout the day and I’ll mist some rose, lavender or cucumber hydrosol in the water to perfume it. I just think it feels sophisticated and I enjoy small moments like that.

For the Love of Scents

What is your evening beauty routine?

I’ll brew myself a cup of tea from my favorite California tea brand Leaves and Flowers, scent the room with a cleansing room spray, unwind with a deep stretch yoga session, enjoy a long bath or a hot shower with essential oils, relax with a hydrating sheet mask and finish with a simple facial oil. Brush my teeth with a floral toothpaste. Always a spritz of perfume before bed.

Why is fragrance such an important part of your life?

The fond memories in my life are accompanied by a certain fragrance. I loved going to the temples and the smell of incense burning. Feeding the horse in our neighbor’s yard was my favorite after school activity as a kid and I love the smell of hay. I love the perfume I wore on my wedding day. I love Burt’s Bees products because I used them on my kids when they were babies. Every time I smell the fragrances associated with these experiences, I get to relive these beautiful moments.

Do you have an earliest memory of fragrance?

The smells of authentic Vietnamese home cooking. The fresh citrus, herbs and spices. I loved spending hours on the weekends in the kitchen with my mother. We were an immigrant family and she worked two jobs so I didn’t see her much during the week. This was our time.

How do you suggest people incorporate fragrance into their everyday lives?

Use beautifully fragranced hand sanitizer. Keep potted herbs and cook a fresh meal with them. Perfume a throw and drape it over a chair by the front entrance so the scent greets you when you come home or wherever you take respite. It welcomes in delight.

For the Love of Scents

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