If Looks Could Curl

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I’m having a tried and true bang dilemma as I grow out my blunt bangs in preparation for my wedding. They are that terrible length that everyone who has ever had bangs knows all too well—too long to be styled as bangs, too short to pull off as a long layer or put behind my ears. It’s the WORST.

So when Rachel came into the studio the other day to do a run through with Tori, I was feeling the deep pangs of major bang envy. And they’re curly no less! Curly bangs are hard to pull off, but when they are (and Rachel does), they are such a good look!! Plus, they sit at the length that makes your eyes super seductive because they’re just a little too long. They’re totally natural and add a playfulness to her perfectly edgy look.

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  • More power to her for pulling off curly bangs, that’s near impossible! It’s a bang moment right now but with my curly hair it’s too much of a wild card to deal with. I just wrote about this here:

    Hang in there with growing yours out!

  • There are no details in this story on how she preps and styles her curly bangs? Is the intent to just sell products that are link to the story? I’d like to know how she does it. How are her bangs cut? Etc.

  • Just taking a moment to admire her hair! Rachel is a stylist we’ve been working with and every time she walks in we just kind of gawk at her coolness. Perhaps we’ll do a larger feature about curly hair maintenance! I know I could benefit from a few tips in that department x Natalie

  • Ces cheveux sont vraiment beaux! C’est pour quand la beauty minute avec elle!

  • Mercedes October, 19 2017, 3:32 / Reply

    I second Jolain, that is near impossible, and she is killing it!
    Hi Emily! I feel you! Same stage here, minus de wedding ;). Is what I call bobby pin slash french braid bangs to the side stage. Patience, patience, patience.

  • C’est un plaisir de voir de jolis cheveux naturellement boucles pour moi qui ai toujours eu les cheveux raides.

  • As a curly girl myself, I know how hard it is to have curly bangs. I wish I could, but I just can’t stand the feeling of having hair in my face. So it’s always parting line on the left or a bun.

  • She looks GORGEOUS with curly hair, in the bangs and everywhere! I have curly hair but… I don’t like to see it on me! It’s rare the occasion that I leave it curly!

  • So much bang envy :)

  • I have curly hair and I recently cut my hair so I could have bangs and man it is tough maintaining and styling it. I’ll definitely check out the styling products mentioned :)

  • Hi! I love your article and have similar curly hair myself! What do you suggest to get shiny thick hair, thank you!

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