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Here are Viviana’s essentials!!!

What I love about her style is that she’s just crazy about Italian designers.
Of course there’s Prada, Dolce, and Pucci, but her most out-there outfits are by little Italian designers that I can’t even remember the names of, but always make me want the same thing: for her to take me around town so I can get to know all of her favorite designers!

My Top: I love the white cotton Prada T-shirts. They are sold in a pack of three. They have the right neckline and the right proportions. During the winter I wear them under my J.Crew cashmere sweaters, during the summer they are the best top for all my outfits.

My Bottom: Pants! I prefer pants to skirts. My favorite are colorful ones. I love to wear them every season, no matter the fabric. I prefer above all summer colors during the winter. Alberto Biani is the best pant designer in Italy, also Marni and MSGM.

My Jeans: I’m a jeans collector! J. Brand and Current/Elliott–I can’t get enough. Crazy also for my Céline ones, but it’s another story, another shape, not so jeans!

My Evening: I’m a dress girl for the evenings. It depends on the collection. Right now my favorite dresses are by MSGM.

My Intimates: During the last few years, I stopped spending money on intimates. I’m super basic, cotton underwear, white, and never wearing a bra.

My Swimsuit: Eres, Los Trapitos Al Sol, Emilio Pucci.

My Coat: My coats are usually tailored ones, and I love to play with furs and layers (furs under or over a coat). Alberto Biani, again, is super for the coats.

My Fast Fashion Store: My favorites are Cos and Zara for every season. Topshop & H&M are better for the summer collections!

My Bag: This is my obsession number one. I love the it-bags, of course. Now I’m still working on a Silvana Fendi bag, or on a new Céline, but I also like to buy ones from new designers. Now, my favorite young designers are Sara Battaglia, Paula Cademartori and Edie Parker.

My Shoes: This is my obsession number two. Flats, heels, no wedges and some boots. Gianvito Rossi makes me crazy, and also Prada. I need at least one pair each season.

My Accessories: Rings–I always wear a gold snake ring by Regina Gambatesa, a designer from Bari (my hometown) on my right hand.

My Watch: My big brother gave me his Rolex Sea Dweller. It’s my bodyguard and my good luck item.

My Glasses: RayBan Wayfarer and now Spektre Sunglasses. Super new, super cool, super Italian.

My Scent: Since I was 15 years old it’s always the same: GFF by Gianfranco Ferré. Now it’s out of production, but I did stock up.

My Brunette: Olive Fruit Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner by Kiehl’s.

My Lip: My lips are too much with a lipstick, so I use only a touch of Rosebud Salve lip butter.

My Skin: For the face: Maria Galland facial cream and for the body, super basic Nivea cream.

My Inspiration: My inspirations come from the movies, above all the old French and Italian ones. This year I found many inspirations from old US television series, they are amazing. My mother is my first inspiration and above all my personal stylist. Also my best friends from my hometown are super inspiring. They are always super cool and stylish. When I come back home in the South, we used to play our “Fashion Weekend” going out with our best outfits!!!

My Workout Routine: Every morning I do my Five Tibetan Rites from this book. They are 5 yoga positions to do 21 times each. You can do them everywhere you wake up, It’s super easy and super efficient for all the body. It takes just 30 minutes every morning.

And when I need to detox after a work travel, or after a long stressed period I used to do Detox Treatment, it’s only about natural juices and supplements. In Milan, the best juice detox delivery is Babasucco.

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