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It’s that time of year for a refresh: spring! I always think of it as one of the most important seasons when it comes to beauty — you want to rejuvenate your skin after a dry winter and prepare it for the warmer months. That means a completely different skincare routine (you can’t hide under those jeans and sweaters forever), and it’s the perfect moment to change up your beauty products.

We wanted to show you some of our spring essentials — products that we love and will be using ourselves!

spring beauty essentials garance dore photos

It has been a long long winter and legs (mine specifically) are looking a little flaky in the light of day. Using a great scrub is so helpful in getting rid of those dry layers and preparing you for the sun, especially if you’re hoping for an even tan. I love this Sea Scrub from Fig+Yarrow because it’s all natural — it actually smells like it was scooped out of the ocean (in the best possible way).

Ahhh, I love Aesop. So excited that they have just released a sunscreen — and it’s water resistant! Like Garance, I have been learning how to surf, so this will be getting a lot of use. Now is the most important time to protect using SPF because your skin is most vulnerable to sunlight after winter. Lather it on!

spring beauty essentials garance dore photos

I don’t know about you but my legs look like they haven’t seen the sun in months… oh, yeah, that’s because they haven’t. Until I get a real tan, I spend that awkward in between getting some color with a great bronzing lotion.

This one is infused with rosewater (so amazing for all types of skin) and is super hydrating, so is perfect following a harsh winter — and it feels cool on the skin, so nice for warm weather!

spring beauty essentials garance dore photos

Lip balm
This is lip balm but it’s also oh so much more! It’s an incredible ointment that will actually relieve your rashes, sunburn and insect bites. That one is definitely coming in handy during surfing 101, but it also is the best thing to revive dry lips — I swear it makes them soft as butter. It looks basic, but it’s magic.

L’Occitane has these super cute solid perfumes. They’re perfect for a small bag, but I love that you can build the scent gradually. It’s really great for spring because scent really changes with heat, and right now we have that in between weather to contend with…

spring beauty essentials garance dore photos

Tinted Moisturizer
Like I mentioned in my post about eye care, you want to protect the face from the sun too… But I have uneven skin tone, so I love a tint to level it all out until that tan (yes, that elusive one I’m chasing) reaches my face! And how cool is the packaging?

Even though you should clean your brushes on the regular, it’s a good idea to mark each season by buying a new one. This one is super soft, and is the perfect density for a subtler coverage in the warmer months.

spring beauty essentials garance dore photos

If you’ve ever been to New York in spring, you know it gets pretty sweaty some days. Mascara smudging, no matter how cool Fendi tried to make it for their fall show, is not so chic! It’s just an issue getting it off (but I suggest using Simple – it’s amazing even with waterproof makeup)!

I love how this is a rosy and bronzed cheek all in one! I tend to gravitate towards a pinker blush at the start of spring and move to a gold hue as the season moves on. Perfect colors, don’t you think?

spring beauty essentials garance dore photos

Sun means fun. I’m all for starting spring with fun colors, so I’m planning on finally trying some really great pinks, corals and oranges. Trying.

Ditto for nails. Fun colors abound, and I’m ready to veer away from the oxblood reds for something more uplifting like this shade from Chanel…

What are some of your spring beauty essentials?
Do you have a completely different routine in the transition season, too?

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