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There is a man named Jon who works on Tata Harper‘s farm in her “batch room.” Jon and I (independently) fell and shattered our right wrists on the exact same week last June. We both had the same surgery, with titanium screwed into our bone, in the same place. The only difference is that one of us barely has a trace of a scar while the other’s is a dark brown stripe that turns purple in the sun.

Well, one of us has been slathering Tata Harper products on it, the other has not. I’m sure you can guess which is which.

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a day reaping the benefits of Vermont’s fresh air while exploring the farm and production facilities of Tata Harper’s eponymous beauty line.

Tata Harper’s Vermont Farm

On paper, you might not expect Tata, a Colombian from Barranquilla, to not only be living, but thriving on a rural farm in Vermont. But, thriving–with all three kids and seven (!!) dogs–she is! Tata moved from Miami to Vermont about 15 years ago, after searching all over the Northeast to find a spot that spoke to her.

A few years later, she set out to create a high-end, toxin-free line of skincare that could go toe to toe with any other legacy or synthetic-based beauty products. She differentiates her line from other clean beauty brands by its complexity. While most clean beauty lines attempt to deliver a clean, simple product, Tata delivers a clean, highly active, highly complex product. With each product, Tata highlights the number of high performing active ingredients. For example, the cult favorite Crème Riche Night Cream has 43 active, high performance, botanical ingredients. These botanicals come from all over the world, as well as Tata’s back yard. Here, she’s cultivated an organic garden where plants such as lavender, calendula, and lemon balm thrive.

dore tata harper farm vermont

Two of Tata’s three kids, with one of their seven dogs that mill about the property at their leisure.

The plants from the garden are routinely harvested, then dried, distilled and used throughout Tata’s products. Said products are batched, packaged and shipped all from the facilities on Tata’s Farm. Her office, a mere hundred feet from the batching room.

During my trip, I was thinking a lot about beauty… naturally. Our obsession with it, our pursuit of it, and the cost of it. But, what I love about Tata is that, in Vermont, she has created something that transcends beauty. She’s created a community of like-minded people who are dedicated to the craft of clean, highly active beauty.

And for those with scars like mine, calendula. Everyone on the farm kept pushing calendula on me to lessen the scar. If Jon’s is any indication of what is possible with clean beauty, I’m game.

And keep an eye out for big announcements coming from Tata this August!

tata harper farm vermont
tata harper farm vermont

Dried plants from the garden being distilled.

tata harper farm vermont

dore tata harper farm vermont

dore tata harper farm vermont

tata harper farm vermont
Tata Harper’s Vermont Farm

tata harper farm vermont

dore tata harper farm vermont

Dried lavender is rubbed along a scene to separate the flower from the stem.

veronica mccarthy tata harper farm vermont dore

dore tata harper farm vermont

dore tata harper farm vermont

dore tata harper farm vermont

Tata’s youngest daughter smelling a blend of essential oils in the batching facilities.

dore tata harper farm vermont
dore tata harper farm vermont
dore tata harper farm vermont


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  • Martha Norton July, 18 2019, 10:04 / Reply

    Great piece….Minor minor minor note: It is not Columbian–it is Colombian.

  • Linne Halpern July, 18 2019, 10:16

    Thank you for catching that, Martha! It’s updated now. xx

  • Ah great story but I got so hung up on the scars! Now I want to see both scars side by side ! And I had a fantasy that you guys would fall in love… (I am supposed to be writing my thriller screenplay right now can you tell ? LOL)

  • Veronica McCarthy July, 18 2019, 2:13

    ahahaha. emailing said photo to you right now! and while that would be a great meet-cute, he has a girlfriend who I adore that works in the garden! x

  • You had me at scars and I too thought there was a cosmic link between you two!! I would love to know what product he was rubbing on his scar and had wished you did a side by side of the scars, is that something you can share in your story if not privately?

  • Bravo de mettre à l’honneur le savoir-faire nécessaire au bon fonctionnement des choses

  • Lori in Toronto July, 18 2019, 9:04 / Reply

    I shattered my LEFT wrist 2 years ago, and also have titanium implants and a bit of a scar. Would love to hear if the products make a difference!

  • I have loved Tata Harper products for quite some time now and had no idea that they were all made, packaged, and shipped from Tata’s farm in Vermont! I feel like it is a rarity today to see a company that functions in this way and it is incredibly inspiring. What an amazing experience to be able to visit the farm and see how each beauty product is created, from the gardens to the batching facilities! Loved this post!
    Sydney |

  • At this age, to see something made like that, is just amazing, I’ve always loved there stuff and I can’t wait to include their products to my growing list of product reviews.

  • Maria Luisa Ortiz July, 21 2019, 8:33 / Reply

    Inspiring story! Thank you for sharing it!

  • That’s a nice story! and you always give us nice adresses for dreaming or thinking to go!!!Tha’t beautiful, I love the table dressing:so natural but exceptional !

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