The Gold Standard

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Whenever I say “summertime” my mind immediately thinks “hammer time” and then before I know it I’m doing this super cool dance move either in my head or sometimes, unfortunately, I can’t help myself and bust it out right then and there.

That’s how much I love summer.

BUT for me to love summer, my skin and hair have to be GOLDEN. And by golden I mean they have to scream, “look at us, we’re so healthy even though we’re drinking a frozen rosé slushy that probably has enough sugar in it to give a squirrel diabetes.”

But back to that golden glow. I’ve finally narrowed it down and am relying on the following products to keep my skin and hair shinning like an iridescent jelly fish.

Or at the very least they’re keeping my skin and hair well hydrated when I accidentally drink one too many of those frozen rosé slushies.

I've spoken about my obsession with this little puppy before but Lavido's Replenishing Serum is what I use every morning under my make-up to make my skin look like it's glowing from the inside.

It works when my skin is at it's best AND it works when my skin is at it's worst, which is really a testament to how great this product it.

It smells as fresh as it feels and never leaves me feeling greasy or weighed down. Did I mention it's also what Gwyneth Paltrow uses? I mean, if it's good enough for Gwen...

I have wavy hair that gets neglected during the summer because it's too hot to blow it dry but it's also too humid to let it air dry (it turns into a frizzzzzz ball).

So I rock a sexy wet bun for the first half a the day and then weird kinks in my hair the second half of the day.

But no longer! Now when my hair is still damp I put a dime sized dollop of Playa's Hair Oil on my curls and this nourishing oil has been helping keep allllll that unwanted frizz at bay..

Got sunburn? Use this. Got dry skin? Use this. Got tar on your leg? Use this.

Okay that last one is not what Monastery's Gold Botanical Healing Serum is meant for but Pia did step in tar while shooting at the beach and we doused her leg with this and the tar wiped right off.

Beyond tar removal, it's a miracle oil and I love to use it at night post beach and sun to give my skin the little boost that it needs to repair itself overnight.

I would bathe in Omorovicza's Gold Shimmer Oil if it was socially acceptable. Not only does it smell like the best parts of summer, but upon application you skin IMMEDIATELY has a golden glow.

When I busted out this bottle on a recent beach shoot, everyone rolled their eyes at me (I'm the only beauty junkie around these parts) but after I slathered it on Hannah, the gorgeous model above, everyone promptly slathered some on themselves.

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  • Kristin Larose October, 17 2018, 5:40 / Reply

    Loving the way this sounds. It sounds so nurturing. If I don’t win I have to save my pennies ! Amazing

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