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Since I chopped my hair, red lipstick has made a huge come back in my life. Now, not only do I want to buy a different shade everyday (I refrain, promise) (still carrying 4 different shades in my purse), I also would like to know how to apply it correctly. So, we asked the wonderful Alice Lane !

The Right Shade. It really depends on the girl. It depends on her confidence. One color might look a certain way on someone else and completely different on another person. I personally hate make up rules, I’ve never been down with that or listened to a word anyone says. You should go with how you feel, what you are wearing, what the weather is like outside.

Prepping your lips. You can exfoliate. Girls with a larger lips tend to have more skin that needs to be exfoliated. Put some lip balm on and let it soak in for a few minutes and then remove it because you need a clean surface. If you leave it on, your lipstick will go on unevenly.

[Editor’s note: Fresh makes an awesome lip scrub.]

Application. I use my finger. I barely use a lip brush. I use my finger because I can press the color into my lips, I can seal the edges. It doesn’t bother me if it goes over the edge a little bit because I’m just going to clean it up. It’s more natural to use your finger or apply it from the tube. Somebody back in the 20s did a good job and designed it like that for a reason. It fits your lips. The more your use it, it molds to the shape of your mouth.

[Editor’s note: Lipstick on your fingers? I reach for some Bioderma, it’s great because you can put a little on a cotton swab or soak an entire cotton pad. It removes everything! And don’t worry those of you not in France, it’s available online.]

Lip Liner. If you are going for really big impact, if you want really full lips, it will last a little bit longer if you do a liner.

I really like the NARS lip pencils because they do the whole thing, You can draw in the shape and fill it in and they feel really soft. I find that lip liners are so pointy and you have to make them really sharp so it feels quite dry going on your lips. If you have an uneven lip shape, which a lot of people do, it can be really unforgiving.

Blotting. I always use the back of my hand. I kiss the back of my hand. The skin is soft, it’s moist. Doing it with tissues makes it dry and takes off too much and you end up putting more back on and going in circles.

[Editor’s note: Reach for that Bioderma or a removing wipe if you are on the go to remove lipstick from the hand after blotting.]

Gloss. Put it in the center of your lip. Don’t smear it all over just drop it in the center and pat your lips together a little bit. But be aware, if you do a gloss, you’ll need to be checking on it so it doesn’t go all over your face.

[Editor’s note: Benefit’s Ultra Plush Gloss is great for this.]

Touch-ups. People tend to think you’re going to put that lipstick on and that’s it, but it does require maintenance. You need to check it and you need to reapply. I think there is nothing sexier than a girl reapplying her red lipstick in the street, it’s kind of amazing. When you have this gorgeous lipstick and its in your handbag, you want to take it out and put it on again.


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