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In Partnership With Laura Mercier

I remember one day (not so long ago!!!)(sigh) sitting in front of a makeup artist at a photo shoot and hearing him ask me: what is all that?

Yes. At the time I was pretty tired, and I was starting to see my first wrinkles really settle in, bags under my eyes becoming sort of permanent, and the only thing I could think of was: MORE MAKEUP!!!

Turns out, I had it all wrong.

Instead of making me look happy and good, the layers of foundation and concealer were only making me look like I had something to hide.

Yes, makeup can make skin look glowy and wake up any exhausted face, but it has to be done right. It’s not about quantity, it’s about the right choices and the right techniques. Since then I’ve learned, and I feel much better in my skin!

Today we have some great advice for you, in collaboration with Tayaba, from the amazing Laura Mercier team, who knows a thing or two about natural looking glowing skin!

Laura Mercier Nane Feist Garance Dore

Laura Mercier Nane Feist Garance Dore


What it does: Helps create naturally even skin (note to self: it doesn’t cover blemishes, so don’t overdo it).

Picking the right shade: Swipe it across your jawline and make sure the shade disappears – if your face and your neck still match – you’ve got yourself a winner!

How to apply: With your hands or a brush, blend evenly all over your face until it looks even down to your décolletage.

Nane wears Tinted Moisturizer in Nude

Laura Mercier Nane Feist Garance Dore

Laura Mercier Nane Feist Garance Dore


What it does: Covers imperfections (you know, the nice way of saying zits).

Picking the right shade: Well, you’ll need two. One that covers the actual blemish, one that reduces the surrounding area that will likely (and unfortunately) have redness.

How to apply: Dab only where you need it until it blends seamlessly, especially in the area surrounding the blemish.

Nane wears Secret Camouflage Concealer in #3

Laura Mercier Nane Feist Garance Dore
Laura Mercier Nane Feist Garance Dore

Laura Mercier Nane Feist Garance Dore









What it does: Fixes the area you notice first… those bags under your eyes.

Picking the right shade: Yes, this is different than the 2 shades of blemish concealer. You want to find a tone with a hint of gold that disappears when you apply it on the darkest part of your eye.

How to apply: Dab from the inner corner of your eye anywhere you see darkness, but don’t go past your cheekbone and don’t use it on the side nearest your temple – that’s where it will show the most!

Nane wears Secret Camouflage Concealer in #2

Tone Tutorial











What it does: Creates a subtle contour and that perfect “I just got back from Costa Rica” look – what more could you want?

Picking the right shade: Going a few shades darker than your natural skin tone will give you the most natural look, rather than making you look like you applied self-tanner in the dark.

How to apply: Start with a translucent powder! This will prevent build up of the bronzer powder. Then lightly dust the areas of your face where the sun hits: high on your cheeks, into your hairline, the tip of your nose, and a little on the chin.

Nane wears Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder in #4

Laura Mercier Nane Feist Garance Dore

And there you have it, everything you need to know to keep the right shade and leave your apartment every morning looking exactly like Nane…well maybe not, but close!

Tone Tutorial


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