A Studio Visit with Sophie Monet

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We fell in love with Sophie Monet’s jewelry the minute we saw it dangling from our friend’s ears. She was kind enough to let us peek inside her studio where she ideates and creates on the daily. Meet the lovely Sophie!

Can you tell us a bit about your studio and where it is located?
My studio is located in the heart of Venice Beach just steps from the sand. I grew up close by in Santa Monica, spending so much time in the woodshop I work in—it’s our family’s creative space. I work there, alongside by dad (a fellow artist), and my sister.

When and how did you start designing jewelry?
I’ve always loved jewelry and working with my hands. Growing up, my friends and I would have the routine of going to local flea markets, digging through bins to find vintage pieces and hidden treasures. Sometimes it was a belt buckle, or buttons that I would reconstruct into earrings. It wasn’t until I graduated from college in NYC, and moved back to LA, that I realized I wanted to start my own business, nurturing the passion I’d always had. It was time for me to use the tools and capabilities I had accessible to me in what felt like a natural progression.

A Studio Visit with Sophie Monet
A Studio Visit with Sophie Monet

When designing a piece, do you imagine the women who is wearing it? Or do you find inspiration in the piece of wood you’re working with?
I definitely have a woman or look in mind when I first conceptualize and then finish making a piece of jewelry. I’m constantly thinking of who she is: does this piece of jewelry evoke a certain or special destination, or what might she pair and wear this jewelry with? Is this design part of a warm weather look or aesthetically in line with a more laidback California casual feel of classic denim, a simple white t-shirt, and a blazer.

Each and every piece I design embodies a bit of that California aesthetic, which is so intrinsic to who I am and how I design. I love the minimalism of the natural wood mixed with modern elements, punctuated by a pop of color here and there. I want to design pieces that are transitional and easy to wear with anything. As I’m sketching, I ask myself, where would I wear this and what would I wear it with? It’s decisions like these that help inform what and how I design.

A Studio Visit with Sophie Monet
A Studio Visit with Sophie Monet

Do you have a strict routine everyday you go into the studio? Or is a bit more relaxed?
It’s helpful for me to have a pretty strict routine. I usually work out early in the morning and head into the studio for the day right after that. I absolutely love being in the studio—it’s basically my second home. It’s a light-filled bright space that’s relaxed, open, and filled with so much positive energy. Being in the heart of Venice, we always have friends and visitors stopping by to say hello.

The studio is not only my space, I share with my dad, who showcases his own large scale sculptures on the walls. We wanted to keep his art the focal point of the space, keeping the rest of the décor pretty sleek and minimal, using select pieces of modern furniture throughout that perfect complement the art.

What is next for Sophie Monet jewelry?
There is so much I have top of mind that I’m eager to pursue: more hoops (and different iterations of my bestselling versions), more dreams, and more travels. I’ve also been particularly drawn to furniture lately. It’s something I really want to explore, translating the design details and wood elements of my jewelry into interiors. It’s something I definitely want to expand upon.

A Studio Visit with Sophie Monet


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