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We’re back! This time talking about what we are consuming while in lockdown..

And of course, we’ve got some ‘show notes’ for you!

Physical consumption items mentioned that we highly recommend:

Cookbooks: Dining In, Where Cooking Begins and Japan: The Cookbook

Olive oiL: Brightland

Coffee: Canyon Coffee

CBD: Feals

CBD sleeping gummies: Altwell

Sneakers: Hypebeat Adidas Sneakers.

Two retailers: Verishop + Matches Fashion

Mental consumption items mentioned that we highly recommend:

What Will Stores Look Like When They Re-Open

A Fashion World Without Department Stores


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  • Sharon May, 3 2020, 2:59 / Reply

    Thank you so much for doing these. I feel like I’m with a group of friends just talking about stuff and it feel so good. : )

  • jurgenda May, 4 2020, 4:41 / Reply

    Veronika, lovely lip colour. Would you care to share, please?

  • Lisa Walker May, 4 2020, 1:50 / Reply

    I love this conversation! I do think that being at home you desire something fresh to wear. I ordered two summer dresses to make me feel beautiful … Nothing expensive, just something new and fresh… I would love to hear about what other people are wearing day to day… I have a new ritual of wearing clothing in my closet I have not worn in ages! And changing on a whim… It’s creative and good for the spirit!

  • haike May, 5 2020, 2:42 / Reply

    Thanks for these lovely pocket talks! Every one of you has really goods points, I think.
    G – the very existence of cities depending on human interaction and exchange
    V – the wonderfulness of inhabiting (walking in and out of spaces of) a city in care-free way
    E – the importance to support small independent businesses in difficult times
    I would just wish that choices like amazon or zara would not be the obvious ones anymore, if you take ethically responsible shopping seriously.

  • Wendy May, 9 2020, 2:44 / Reply

    Loving these conversations…thank you

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