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Look, we admire Europeans for a lot of reasons, but one that remains at the forefront of our admiration is their ability to holiday. Like really, holiday.

Do we need to remind you about those scenes in Call Me By Your Name? Where a small Italian town just drips with the slowness of summer? Ahh, the moodboard of our dreams.

Well, we’re making those dreams a reality by closing our offices for a summer holiday and hitting pause on publishing pieces on the site for the next week.

But in the meantime, if you need some reading material for the beach, boat, or air-conditioned office, here are a few of our favorites from the past few months…

I spent some time on Tata Harper’s Vermont Farm, while Linne, Christina and Bogdana spent some time with lovely ladies in the Hudson Valley, and Garance happily got lost while traveling in London.

We talked to women about not having children and about what freedom means to us, what it’s like to be Black in South Africa versus the United States, and what happens when you choose gratitude over grief.

Fashion wise, we took a trip back to the 70s, drove up the coast of California, talked about childhood fashion influences, got a little groovy with tie-dye, debated what kind of sandal people we are, and took a little trip to the Upper East Side for a “summer in the city” moment.

Garance wrote about her growth, being single, the day she lost her sense of humor, and a few things she’s implementing daily for own happiness. She also chatted with Stephanie Danan about her brand CO and with Ian Schrager.

And if you’re so inclined to do some shopping, Christina detailed her fashion buys while I came clean on what I’m buying for my own beauty routine.

But most importantly, we hope everyone gets a much deserved reprieve this summer, and you will be hearing from our refreshed selves come August 5th.

Happy summer-ing, friends!


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