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In Partnership With Le Méridien

Do you remember last year when we went to Monaco with Le Méridien for Au Soleil? Well we’re back with Art of Life 2.0 film series. This time, we are taking you to London. Le Méridien Piccadilly is located in the heart of London (and in the heart of where I love to go shopping when I am in London, ahem, Dover Street Market!!!). We wanted to show you how we like to “summer in a city.”

I have always wanted long term partnerships. In friendships, in love, and in work. So when one as delicious, as harmonious and as well aligned as the one DORÉ has with Le Méridien keeps growing and flourishing, nothing could make me happier.

I am not sure how exactly it happened, but while in London we had a few days of perfect weather – and this might be the best-kept secret ever, but with good weather, London is actually the best city in the world. I am sure that’s why the universe gave it a little bit more rain than, say, LA. Because otherwise, we would all be living there.

we are dore le meridien art of life london garance dore

we are dore le meridien art of life london garance dore

Okay, so, sunny London, Le Méridien Piccadilly, and yours truly. This time, we didn’t want to plan a party. Not that we couldn’t, because there is quite an awesome terrasse there.

But for this London episode, I wanted to talk about spending time on my own.

Traveling is so exciting, that often I get overheated. Yup. I tend to book a million drinks, try to see a million friends, want to discover all the new places, and fit in a yoga class on top of it all. I usually end up completely exhausted, and I don’t even feel the city I am in.

Do you know what I mean by “feeling the city I am in” ?
It’s almost like Carrie said in Sex and the City: Today, I have a date with New York City.

we are dore le meridien art of life london garance dore

Well on that day, I decided to change the tempo, and go on a date with beautiful London.

I wanted to explore the art of “flâner”. A flâneur is one that takes their time, strolls without a purpose, pops into a museum and only visits one painting, one that explores without a goal in mind and enjoys the day.

This week at DORÉ, we’ll be telling my story of a day of flânerie around London in The Art of Life 2.0!

we are dore le meridien art of life london garance dore
we are dore le meridien art of life london garance dore


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