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What scares me about death? The thought of never laughing again.

Not what you were expecting when you clicked on a “humor” piece? Well, too bad, here we are.

But let me explain…

It’s because laughter, to me, is the most euphoric thing one can experience.

Okay, that and orgasms, but it’s not exactly socially acceptable to be having a bunch of orgasms as you go about your day. But you know what you can do throughout your day? Laugh.

And you know what happens when you do? You are incapable of thinking about anything else. You are forced to live in the moment and it just feels good.

Not to mention, have you ever made eye contact with someone while you’re both dying of laughter?

I think it can be more intimate than sex because it’s pure human connection, a universal language everyone speaks.

That’s why we find humor so important at the Atelier and consider it a value, because it creates an instant connection — and you know we are alllll about that connection.

And, after working in fashion and beauty this past year, I think these industries could use a spoonful or two (or three) of it. Just to, you know, take the edge off of everyone taking everything so. seriously.

It has made me realize why Garance has leaned on, incorporated, and been such a big proponent of humor in the fashion world all these years.

Her spearheading humor for so long has really helped us define The Atelier and the voice we want to bring to this world.

So stick around this week as we laugh at ourselves and make some connections in the process. I promise to keep puns to a minimum.


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  • I agree laughing is one of the most wonderful ( and maybe under rated ) things we do. Many of my fondest memories with people include laughter. To be able to laugh at ourselves and to keep a sense of humor will help get through challenging times. Look forward to reading this weeks posts!

  • Vous ne pouvez penser à rien d’autre. Vous êtes forcé de savourer l’instant et c’est si agréable…

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira September, 17 2018, 3:35 / Reply


  • Ok, caveat: there’s no need to publish this comment.

    I think I’ve figured out why the writing on behalf of the Atelier falls so flat compared with the more individual essays: you are telling, not showing. You describe humor as important without any funny to show why. Y’all describe values without showing the way your values happen in everyday moments. The Atelier writing generalizes, where Garance (and that great essay by Jane) are specific. There are no anecdotes. It’s more mission statement than editors letter, and while mission statements are important for creating a work culture, boy are they boring! (People don’t actually read annual reports, do they?)

    Anyhow, I love so much of what you do, and I’ve been reading for so long, I thought you wouldn’t mind me pointing it out.

  • Hey Jessica! Thank you for this feedback. I understand where you’re coming from and will take the comment to heart. x V

  • Of course, the irony of my comment above is that you had a WHOLE WEEK of funny anecdotes lined up, I just didn’t know it.

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