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Welcome, Clare! You probably already know Clare from eponymous fashion brand, Clare V., or maybe you’ve had a chance to catch her on a few episodes of Pardon My French. We’re big fans for a plethora of reasons, including how much color she infuses into our lives. This week she’s taking over The Doré Edit and inspiring us all to mix some prints.

Each Edit is live on the site for only one week. Check out the latest edit here.

Clare V. Brings the Fun


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  • Hi there – just an FYI, I had to go 2 months back on your site before I came across an image of a woman of color. As cool as Clare V is (and she really is cool!), it would be really great to see the actionable steps you are taking as a company to feature more women of color – and specifically black women. A few beauty products to buy and an article telling people to vote is, quite frankly, not enough.

    And as a site headed up by a French woman, it feels like a great opportunity to address European colonialism and racism. I’ve seen a lot of conversation from Europeans about racism being an « American problem » but…we learned it from you and it permeates every ideal of « French » style and beauty that this site leans heavily into.

  • Hi Cate,

    Thanks for your comment! Our team has taken the 15% pledge for all editorial stories that our editors pull together. You’ll see more Black businesses featured in our stories in the upcoming weeks. Unfortunately it’s been challenging for our team to take new photos in a safe setting due to Covid, but you can expect to see even more people of color in the coming months, as it has always been a priority of this team to shoot a diverse mix of people for the site. We appreciate your constructive criticism!

    x The Doré Team

  • I’m all for inclusiveness on EVERY level, but–and just one voice here–do ALL sites have to address political and cultural issues? I quite love to know that there are SO many ways we call all express our deep social concerns but does every single thing have to be politicized in every single area of our lives? I did not know that Dore was designed to be a site to sort out complex social issues!

  • 15%? Where the hell does that come from?

    You should just shut up if you can’t bring the change to the table now. This is not going to be an easy transition; you can’t just slowly work your way up there while continuing your regular programming. There has been so much hurt, so much damage, so many lives lost and destroyed. To skim over it and pledge something and then return to your whitewashed BS… honestly so fucking disappointing.

  • Hi Rose,

    Here is information on the 15% Pledge:

    -The Doré Team

  • So disappointed. Was Tracy McMillan not available?

    For those that are looking for content with more WOC, please visit Goop and Cup of Jo.

  • Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your feedback. Clare is of Mexican heritage, and we have more People of Color that we’ll be sharing in the Edit and other stories in the coming weeks.

    -The Doré Team

  • Charikleia 22 juin 2020, 8:46 / Répondre

    I second above Lynne’s comment. I myself have seen many beautiful, brave, accomplished and fierce women of colour in the pages of this site for years now and also a great diversity of models. I do not understand the general disapproval vibe I am getting. I think this is not fair.

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