A Studio Visit with Ashleigh Holmes

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We’re taking a quick trip down under to visit the studio of Ashleigh Holmes and chat all things color and painting. Enjoy!


Can you tell us a bit about your art and the inspiration behind it?

I’ve always felt connected with color, in particular pink. I was so curious as to why we’re drawn in by certain color schemes and repelled by others. Whilst studying each color and its sensory effect on us, it reaffirmed why I use certain colors and why they work together in harmony. I’m inspired by the natural landscape and utilize the combination of color psychology and the natural landscape to create large scale abstract works.

A Studio Visit with Ashleigh Holmes

What do you look for when setting up a studio?

I look for high ceilings, natural light, and different textures throughout the build of a studio. I like to keep the space open with Japanese inspired furnishings. My studios have all been painted white, top to bottom, before moving in, I like to start with a fresh white palette and follow a ‘Wabi Sabi’ aesthetic.

You are a fourth-generation artist, what’s like to become from such a strong lineage of artists?

From as young as I could remember I always had a great interest in art, creatively it was something that I was drawn to and really felt that it was where my strengths lay. I was always surrounded by artists. Starting out as a vocational pursuit I spent late nights and weekends consumed in my home studio, I feel that my connection with the practice is deep because it’s in my genes. The feedback and advice I’ve had throughout the years have been at arms reach and I’m very grateful for that.

What has the greatest impact on your art? Mood, light, travel?

The instinctive feeling to create, travel always impacts me to push the boundaries on my compositions and color palette. I love the way that painting brings me back into balance and a way to transcend into a mediative state.

What is next on the horizon for you?

I’m really looking forward to working closely with the Australian gallery – Studio Gallery and our group show ‘Shift’. I plan to travel more in Australia within the next 6 months and will no doubt find inspiration from the landscape.

A Studio Visit with Ashleigh Holmes

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