Pocket Pardon My French Quarantine Edition, Vol. 4

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It’s us again! Chatting about all things sex and relationships during quarantine..


Ajouter le votre
  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira 12 mai 2020, 6:02 / Répondre

    You Girls crack me up , You really do !!!
    And yeah…quarantine booty is definitely needed !!! Now ,imagine living near a police station and your friend is getting out of your building at like 2 a.m. (Shh shh , without a noise , secret agent mode almost )to go to her car praying that she drives away clean , without been bothered by the cops understanding that the’re doing their job but , you know ?
    « _ Excuse me , miss…do you live here?…»

    Beijinhos from Lisboa *_*

  • This Pocket Quarantine podcast is so cool girls! Really enjoying it, it’s like having a conversation with my friends, being there listening ahah. I don’t have much to add about this chat, just looking forward for the next one! Relationships, fashion, beauty, sustainability maybe? or what you’ve been reading lately and what did you learn? But yep relationships/sex will probably be the most entertaining ahah, or stories, personal experience about anything. And also, there is no podcast notes lol. La bise!

  • Enjoyed #4! Everyone wants to know about Garances’ skin care routine !

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