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Garance’s New Newsletter

11 months ago by

Hi, bonjour, howdy!

We just wanted to pop on here and alert you that Garance is writing again.

We know some of you already know this because you have reached out to us asking WHERE CAN I FIND IT?!

We also know some of you already know this because you have reached out to us saying I SIGNED UP BUT STILL CAN’T FIND IT?!

So this is why we’re here!

You can find all past newsletters here (happy reading!) and you can sign up for all future newsletters here.

Garance is working out the kinks of the sign-ups versus deliveries so be patient and know that you can always go back to the landing page to read them all.

Here is the start of the last one to wet your whistle…


I don’t really want this newsletter to be just about the fact that we’re stuck at home and it’s funny and dramatic and what is the world going to become!

But, really.

We’re stuck at home.

It’s funny.

It’s dramatic.

And what the hell is the world going to become.

Also, I just can’t stand cooking anymore.

Read the rest here

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  • hi
    I would like know if it is possible to have a french version : it will be easier to read her newletter !!!

  • Yes like Cecile ! French version please

  • Hi, just wondering, what is the sense in creating another webpage and not posting Garance’s newsletters here as it was always the case? I am sorry to say this, but I don’t understand the concept any more.

  • Tellement contente de pouvoir de nouveau lire Garance… Dommage de ne plus les voir ces textes sur le site c’était l’occasion de faire un tour global, on ressent moins l’implication de Garance dans atelier Doré (mais c’est peut être le but ) et dommage que l’on est plus du tout de français. On a l’impression que tout tout tout est aspiré par l’anglais et même si j’adore échanger dans le monde entier grâce à cette langue c’est tellement beau aussi de pouvoir lire en français… Merci <3

  • Amanda Goldberg 17 juin 2020, 1:05 / Répondre

    Please sign me up for the newsletter. It’s really enjoyable.

  • Julie Ann Schneider 25 juin 2020, 6:55 / Répondre

    I really enjoyed reading the your blog. I find myself looking forward for more diverse experiences from women and feel I grow from learning about how they look at the world.

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