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Another Monday, another Postcard from Home! This time with the lovely, Christine Muhlke

Name: Christine Muhlke
Place of quarantine: Woodstock, NY
Quaranteam: My 7-year-old son is with me every other week.
Last thing you ate: Garlicky fried sourdough (homemade!) topped with ricotta, sautéed beet greens, and lemon zest
Favorite dance song: Pere Ubu, “Non-Alignment Pact”
Last thing you watched: “Cane Toads,” a crazy Australian documentary from 1988
Last thing you read: The Paris Review’s spring issue
First thing you want to do when this is all over: Support all of my favorite NYC restaurants—ideally while hugging.
An indulgence you give yourself most days: A Kir Breton (hard cider + cassis + lemon peel)
Item of clothing most worn: A zippered cardigan that I bought in Paris 20 years ago. Since March 14, I’ve worn it with army pants, one of my collection of striped Chance T-shirts that my friend Julia made, a German fisherman’s smock that my friend Luise gave me, Filson long underwear so I can save on heat, and Birks with woolly socks that my mom gifts me every Christmas.
Workout of choice of lack thereof: 100 each of push-ups, sit-ups, dips, and squats, done throughout the day. I’m also trying to make it through this awesome ashtanga video. It’s worth it for the 90’s pastel spandex alone!
Food most consumed: Homemade bread!
New quarantine hobby or lack thereof: Every Sunday, I bake bread and deliver half-loaves to neighbors. We’ve developed a cool bartering network. I’ve traded for flour, yeast, hard cider, garden seeds, cookie cutters, nail-polish remover…
Charity you’re supportingEdible Schoolyard NYC, of which I’m proud to be on the board.

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