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We’re continuing our Postcards from Home series with the lovely Melissa Morris of Métier.

Name: Melissa Morris
Place of quarantine
: London, UK
Quaranteam: Friends!
Last thing you ate: Tandoori Salmon
Favorite Dance Song: Dancing On My Own – Robyn
Last thing watched: Succession – I am amazed how they have created a show that is so addictive and yet very little actually happens while all characters are so incredibly unlikeable… This line still makes me laugh: « You can’t make a Tomlette without breaking some Greggs. »
First thing you want to do when this is all over: Hop on a plane someplace very warm with a beach. I was actually in Costa Rica when this crisis started to spin out of control and the government promptly announced they were going to close the borders in 48 hours. At the same time, British Airways literally shut off their phone lines. We panicked and thought we were going to have to Mad Max it through Central America. At the last minute, luckily my mom- who somehow always saves the day- found us the last flight to Mexico City and then back to London. I am grateful to have made it home, but I wouldn’t mind a second chance at the vacation.
An indulgence you give yourself most days: Workout, work, walk, wine repeat.
Item of clothing most worn: Striped t-shirts and sweaters in every variety. Anny Choi (my brand manager) and I are constantly twinning over zoom.
Workout of choice: HIIT mixed with yoga mixed with dynamic pilates. HIIT is new to my regime- it’s fun to try something new especially something I would have been intimidated to try otherwise.
Food most consumed: There is a local fishmonger and butcher near where I live. Both also have incredible produce so I use my daily walk to change up my meals and keep things fresh (pun intended). I actually love to cook- it calms me. If I wasn’t a designer, I would have wanted to go to culinary school.
New hobby or lack thereof: Backgammon… I’m a little competitive.
Charity you’re supporting: ProPublica. I think more than ever we need to protect the source of our news.

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