A Street Style with Sofia Bryant

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How would you describe your style in three words?

My “style” is always changing. I don’t think I could define it with just three words, I don’t think I could really define it with words at all. I feel like it’s always evolving or meshing with like 10 other things. The best three words to describe my style would be “By. The. Day.” It’s very dependent on what my goals are for the day and who I want to be when accomplishing them. I am definitely a “wake up and be someone new” kind of person.

There’s so much beauty in knowing you never have to fill in the shoes from yesterday, you can always reinvent yourself and always try new things. Recently I’ve just been dressing really cozy and comfortable. I’m borrowing New York cool girl meets Saint Marks rat aesthetic from like half of my skater friends right now and mixing that together with the existing Jeff Spicoli messiness. It’s also still pretty cold here so it’s marshmallow puffers and chunky sneakers until spring and summer. Im definitely looking forward to shorts and skirts season! I can’t wait to channel some of my other favorite 90s film characters come warmer weather!

What are the people, places, or things that influence your style?

For me the key is: remembering I’m the one in charge when it comes to what I wear. The clothing we wear is such a key part of self identity. It took me a while to get comfortable with adopting that mentality. I’m still very much teaching myself on a day-to-day basis to feel comfortable with letting myself experiment. Someone that I think it’s cool and really does things her own way is Rico Nasty. I discovered her when I was going through this period of revising myself. I knew I was ready to sort of evolve or grow into a new version of myself but I didn’t actually know how to get there or what my goal was exactly. This was what I saw as one of the most dreadful times in my teens but it was completely necessary! I didn’t really have close friends, and the ones I did have all went to different schools from mine, and just basically wanted to crawl into a hole.

I used Music to fill that silence of a friends voice at the time. Rico’s music among many others really became the voice that I needed to hear whenever I doubted myself. Some of the time I didn’t even need the lyrics, it was more so the energy and immense confidence she literally exudes by doing anything. Whether it be from her music videos, her live stage presence, her make up, or her own fashion choices I was instantly obsessed. Music in general has become such an influential factor of my style it’s what instantly allows me to identify myself. There’s something for every mood, emotion, vibe, question, everything! Other artists and bands that recharge my batteries as soon as I listen to them include Santigold, White Reaper, the SWMRS, the Jeanies, Porches, David Bowie, Gwen Stefani, My Bloody Valentine, FKA twigs, Blondie, BAKAR, the Ink Spots, Vundabar, Billie Holiday, the Cure, the list just goes on and on and the genres are endless.

What’s your favorite outfit that you’ve ever worn?

Like most of my more elaborate and “left of center outfits”, this outfit wasn’t documented at all which is a bummer, but luckily it’s really easy to remember so it’s not really a bummer. It’s actually one of the most simple fits I’ve ever put together. Its special to me more so because of the experience while in it. It consisted of my favorite go to pair of super high Demonia platforms, a pair of perfect high waisted vintage 501s and my moms old skintight run DMC baby tee from the 90s. I just remember feeling literally invincible. I had a chunky vintage ring on each one of my fingers and I was about 6’2” with my shoes on. The shirt actually became one of my favorite pieces of clothing after this day.

At the time I’d really just started exploring new music genres and attending concerts with hospitalizing mosh pits. I was at this music festival I go to every summer in Brooklyn with my girl gang, and I had no idea I was going to end up ripping my shirt later on that day. The band fever 333 (who since that day have been a band I love listening to) performed. The second they got on the stage I just remember instantly being separated from my friends by a huge mosh pit that formed between us. When you’re in a situation like that you have to think fast. In that moment I had decided to just jump in with everyone else, There was literally nowhere else to go. It ended up being so sick, but the best part was when Stephen Harrison (guitarist for 333) jumped off stage and into our mosh pit WHILE CONTINUING TO PLAY HIS GUITAR… which ended up getting stuck to the back of my shirt…and ripping it..which became a gaping hole by the end of the song. 11/10 would experience again.

A Street Style with Sofia Bryant

Sofia Bryant is an actress who hails from Harlem, NY. She will next star in the new Netflix series I Am Not Okay With This. The series, produced by Shawn Levy/21 Laps for Netflix, is based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman. Sofia stars as the bubbly, friendly Dina who is trying to navigate the usual trials and tribulations of high school, all while her best friends’ mysterious powers begin to awaken.


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