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An Ode to… Personal Jewelry

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Photos Devin Doyle

Isn’t it funny how people feel naked without their jewelry? It’s a phrase I hear repeatedly, and it’s the way I feel myself. Even though, proportionally, my jewelry covers just the smallest amount of my body, it still feels like my most essential armor.

The feeling must be, in part, related to jewelry’s very personal nature. An heirloom piece handed down from a grandmother, or a ring that tells the world you’re taken. But even jewelry without any meaningful story or significance can feel profound.

Maybe it’s because I wear the same pieces so often that they start to feel like a part of my appearance. I haven’t purposely left my house without a pair of gold earrings in years. I think they change the appearance of my face, but maybe they just change the way I feel about my face.

When I’m wearing jewelry, even if the rest of my outfit is sweatpants (which it so often is these days), it just makes me feel a bit better. A bit more polished, a bit less like a human trash can. That’s probably why, in the days of quarantine, I’ve clung to my personal jewelry so desperately. Is it a little bit silly to put on gold hoops and a necklace every morning to stay in my house? Yes. Am I doing it anyways? Absolutely.

Jewelry pictured, Mejuri.

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