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On vous a déjà parlé de Morgane Sezalory ici et vous savez qu’on adore sa marque, Sézane. Garance avait pu faire sa connaissance l’an dernier à Paris, j’étais donc hyper contente de pouvoir la rencontrer cette semaine, à l’occasion de sa boutique à New York store.

Morgane est chaleureuse, adorable, et j’aime beaucoup tout ce qu’elle a insufflé à sa marque. En plus, elle est sublime, de cette façon si typiquement parisienne… une peau sans défauts, un style qui lui ressemble, un sillage d’assurance. Quelques éléments de réponse alors que je m’attelle à la question de mon style automnal. Moi, je dis, en cas de doute : faire comme les Françaises.

L’appartement New York Sézane | 254 Elizabeth St New York, NY 10012

Morgane porte du Sézane

Shop the story


Ajouter le votre
  • I love you atelierdore, but when you posts articles with barely two paragraphs in it and only one photo; it gets frustrating. This is basically just clickbait because on your home page, you could already read half of this article in it’s caption already.

  • I concur with your opinion. I do like Atelier Dore as well but I started noticing that their stories have been shrinking quite dramatically while focusing mainly on promoting someone’s brand or products (very upscale). There’s really not much personality in those stories lately and I wish they would just say at the beginning – ‘sponsored’. But I guess that’s how you survive as a company or maybe they’re reconsidering their target audience. We shall see.

  • Hi ladies! We shifting to some lighter content over the summer and are shifting back into gear now that September is upon us. If our posts are in partnership with a brand, it will say « In Partnership With… » at the very top of the post, as well as include our tag, AD Partner » at the bottom. Any other brand we promote is because we genuinely like them! Morgane and Sézane are great friends of the site, so we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to capture her in New York.

    Hope this clarifies! x Natalie

  • Le succès de ces nouvelles marques françaises m’intéresse beaucoup… surtout quand je vois à quel point les créatrices ont maintenant un rôle très important sur les réseaux sociaux, en devenant souvent l’image de la marque. J’ai l’impression qu’il y a quelques années les créatrices n’étaient pas mises autant en avant. Mais dans tout les cas, c’est super! Et j’adore la mode à la française, même si je suis suisse…
    A bientôt, Léa ( )

  • WWAFGD? What would a French girl do? That is turning into my life motto. Hahaha!

  • I agree on the few number of photos – the content feels way too light. Disappointing.

  • Hey there! We’re shifting back into gear after a summer of light content – this is simply a street style admiring Morgane’s style while simultaneously supporting the opening of their New York outpost. Stay tuned!

  • Hello! I agree with Leanne, I love and admire your site – and have been for so long, but I clicked on this from Twitter, expecting an article about the oh so expected opening of Sezane in NY
    What a surprise, the only picture was already shown on twitter and, as you say, Mrs Sezalory is no stranger to this site: nothing new in these 5 sentences.
    We would love to have some insights on this opening, the choices she made about it… is it a teasing for a full story coming? just clickbait?
    you have such great content to offer, please link real articles <3
    We love you!

  • Hi! This is simply a street style photo admiring Morgane’s French style! While also celebrating the opening of their New York store. Stay tuned for more.. xx

  • This is a beautiful outfit, but to shop this story means dropping $2,000! What world are you all living in? Or, more importantly, what world do you think we (your readers) live in? I have been a fan of this site for 5 years now, but I am finding that I am not the demographic you intend to be reaching. I may start need to look elsewhere for inspiration, because most of the things now featured are not just slightly but exorbitantly out of my reach! Are other readers feeling the same?

  • I feel the same… I have been a reader during six years but now I really think that I live in a different world.

  • I disagree that I feel like Atelier Dore is trying to reach a different demographic now then a few years ago. Yes the prices are definitely out of reach for me as well, but as you mentioned you are reading the site for inspiration. I don’t expect to be able to afford things on high fashion blogs, I just want to see what people are wearing, their style, and how they might wear certain items – then I can use this inspiration to either go shopping with brands I can afford, or as my usual hit up a consignment store and find items similar to those that inspired me. Also, more and more I feel like the articles are focusing on more sustainable fashion choices, which means I might be willing to actually save up for months to buy an expensive piece because I will wear it for years, which is better for the environment and the price per wear is drastically reduced. Even Zara can be expensive if one is buying new outfits all the time because the items wear out or are no longer in style.

  • I would like to see Sezane ….? Do as the French Gals do …..French style , simple , elegant , …
    Dress The Part

  • Yas queen, slay all day. I love simple elegance <3

  • @Susan
    The ‘shop the look’ section is complete off. She’s wearing all Sézane and none of the linked items is. If I really want to ‘shop the look’ I would go straight to Sézane’s website instead of looking at the bottom section…

  • j’avais un grand plaisir de visiter ce blog.

  • I do adore Sezane as well as AD and would have thought more of this post had it included more on Sezane and their brand or new store opening in NYC. I like the picture but as said above none of the brand was included in the bottom shop section. And I hate to agree the shopping selections have gotten much more expensive over the past two years. I get it and appreciate it but wish is was more balanced or had some lower price points.
    I can understand the idea of lighter posts especially during the Summer but its certainly not as easy to connect with them.

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for your comment! I appreciate this thought.

    We do work with an affiliate program that limits our ability to include certain brands like Sezane, as well as being able to keep things as balanced as we would like. However, I promise that I do try my best to find more and more ways every day to bring a balanced shopping section to our readers and will continue to do so that everyone may feel included and celebrated. This sense of balance is something that we will be focusing much more on within our content in the coming months. I hope to hear from you again along the way!

    All my best,

  • Nataly Malcon 23 septembre 2017, 1:14 / Répondre

    Very interesting style! Slightly provocative, but elegant.

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