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(English) Ahhhh. Tis the glorious season of… freaking-out-about-what-the-hell-to-buy-your-boyfriend-husband-friend-lover for the holidays. We know. We talk about it a lot around the studio. Swapping gift ideas and sometimes even stealing them from each other.

Recently we were introduced to the brand Hill City and we all breathed a sign of a relief. Despite our gift recipients being quite varied in their needs and styles, Hill City was able to satisfy everyone — and then some. I say « and then some » because we ended up wearing and loving pieces from Hill City as well. When you can share clothes with the men in your life, nothing is sweeter.

Hill City
Hill City

« Sean can wear anything he wants and look great. It’s quite upsetting actually. We met when we were both servers at Soho House and he even looked good in a server’s apron. Who looks good in a server’s apron?! Sean does. That’s who. 

That being said, he is pretty particular about what he wears, and everything he wears is always fitted juuust right. He cares about the details. Which is why I was so excited to introduce him to Hill City, a brand that prioritizes the details and fit.

Sean is now a manager over at SoHo House so I wanted to get him something that he could wear while managing the floor. Something with layers, that’s still comfortable and looks presentable. Et Voila. Thank you, Hill City!

– Veronica McCarthy, DORÉ’s Editorial Director, gifting to her friend, Sean Evans

Sean wears the High Pile Jacket, the Everyday Supima Tee, the Easy Tech Pant, the Thermal Light Full Zip Vest and the Performance Sock. Veronica wears the Hybrid Shirt Jacket and Everyday Supima Tee in grey.



Hill City
Hill City



(English) « I think Greg is pretty particular about what he wears. Maybe it runs in the family because I am too. It’s not hard for me to shop for him though because I know his style pretty well (one might even say that I helped him develop it, ha!)

Hill City is totally up Greg’s alley. He is 100% that guy who likes exercising and staying active, but he definitely cares about style and how things look. I could picture him wearing so many of the Hill City pieces in his day to day life. 

I really like to introduce people to brands or items that they don’t know about or that they wouldn’t necessarily pick for themselves. Especially since I work in fashion and I’m supposed to be caught up on what’s new and exciting, I enjoy sharing that knowledge through gifting. The men in my family are such creatures of habit (I find that a lot of men are when it comes to getting dressed), so if I give them something new and they love it I know that they’ll wear it all the time and they’ll buy it again and again. That feels like the ultimate win to me! »

– Christina Holevas, DORÉ’s Senior Fashion Editor, gifting her brother, Greg Holevas

Greg wears the Everyday Supima Tee in Teal, the Insulated Wool Shirt Jacket, and the Everyday Tech Pant in slim fit. Christina wears the Thermal Light Bomber Jacket.

Hill City



Hill City
Hill City

(English) « Josh is impossible to shop for! He’s a creative director, so aesthetics are of particular importance. I always joke that shopping with Josh or waiting for him to get ready is like a marathon compared to my sprint. 

Josh is all about comfort, but he will not sacrifice style. I love how design-forward Hill City is while keeping comfort and performance top of mind. I knew Josh would appreciate how minimal the clothes appear, but appreciate how complex the design actually is. 

I love this outfit because it’s something that Josh would love but maybe wouldn’t think to buy for himself. It makes it more challenging, but he’s usually more excited when I surprise him with something that’s a little more out of the box. It’s also not uncommon for me to steal his clothes, so shopping for him is ultimately shopping for me. I’m looking forward to stealing this jacket :)  »

– Emily Note, DORÉ’s Chief Operating Officer, gifting her husband, Josh Yeston


Josh wears the Thermal Light Shirt Jacket , the Performance Waffle Crew, and the Everyday Pant in Cropped. Emily wears the Graphic Heavyweight Fleece Crew.

Hill City
Hill City
Hill City
Hill City

« Jefferson isn’t really hard to shop for, thankfully! His style is very consistent, so I know what he likes to wear. He is particular in that he knows what his style is and has his go-to clothing pieces, but he’s always open to trying new brands – such as Hill City! I loved picking things out for Jefferson from Hill City because of the versatility.

As a fitness instructor, Jefferson needs clothes that work both in the gym and on the street and Hill City’s clothes are perfect for that. Like they say, it’s built for the extreme but designed for everyday, and it’s true! I feel like I could pick out an outfit from Hill City for any occasion and feel like I was dressed appropriately. 

I like to give gifts that the person getting will actually use!  So making sure the person will be able to use it consistently is definitely something I look for. With Hill City, I can gift it to Jefferson knowing he will be able to wear the clothes in almost any situation in his day-to-day life.  »

– Nathan Lemburg, DORÉ’s Brand Coordinator, gifting his boyfriend Jefferson Pereira

Nathan wears the Everyday Supima Tee in White, the Hybrid Shirt Jacket, and the Everyday Pant in Cropped. Jefferson wears the Heavyweight Fleece Graphic Hoodie in yellow, the Merino Cashmere Beanie in blue, the Lightweight Run Pant, and the Everyday Sleeveless Train Tee.



Hill City
Hill City


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  • I need to know what boots Christina is wearing! They look really comfortable…..

  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira 5 novembre 2019, 7:01 / Répondre

    I’m starting to feel like the Weirdo guy that comments eeeeevery feature,which is kinda embarrassing (You Know ?) but… they’re All so Fuc**’n GOOOOOOD, i can’t help myself !!!
    And…You ALL look Really Amazing, no doubt !!! And for the hustand part, i think it would be cool a double-couple kinda thing featuring also Bog and Mr Jason Fergunson but then again ,who would take the photos ? Dâaahhh !!! *_*

  • Thanks for the idea, We need help for gifts!

  • Esau Betancourt 9 novembre 2019, 10:57 / Répondre

    Got to say not only is this helpful it is also incredibly personal and beautiful. Can not wait for the girls version. I have no idea what to get my girlfriends!!

  • Please tell me more about the shoes and pants that Veronica is wering!! Love.

  • Fantastic idea It very Helpful Thanks For Sharing..

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