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J’ai une véritable affection pour les gourmettes, je trouve qu’elles dégagent quelque chose de solide, de masculin, de classique. C’est le genre de pièce que j’adorerais que mon mec porte pour pouvoir la lui piquer un jour. Je vois ça un peu comme une Rolex… un accessoire de belle facture qui rend bien sur les hommes comme les femmes.

Je n’avais pas vraiment prêté attention aux différentes tailles de gourmettes (sauf celles pour les bébés… trop mignonnes) jusqu’à ce que je tombe sur les créations délicates de Loren Stewart. Tout en subtilité et en féminité, elles m’ont rappelé les accumulations de bracelets de Laura au quotidien. Je me suis dit que la gourmette au poignet pourrait un peu devenir ma signature.

ID Gourmette, Loren Stewart

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  • Thank you, Brie, for reminding me that I have an ID bracelet sitting in my dresser drawer. It is older than I am and a real treasure and to me it is priceless. It is my mother’s ID bracelet from when she was in the WAVES (United States Naval Reserves for Women) during WWII. It is an ID bracelet in every sense of the word. On one side is her name, her serial number is engraved on the inside. I guess the women got them instead of dog tags.

  • As ID bracelets for men are extremely cheesy according to French taste, is this thing in the US OK, to is it some quirk fashion thing that brings cheesy objects to trendiness ?

  • LOVE my ID baby bracelet, now attach it to my moms! double name tag ;)

  • Hi, great piece! I too have a gold id chain link bracelet from Milan circa 1940’s…. so classic, simple . He lived in Italy for many years and it was I believe given to him as a gift in the early 40’s. His first name is engraved on it in a very faint delicate cursive..subtle ( Italians do these things so well..) I’m going to wear it more , might think of getting the clasp tightened ( it wobbles a bit) as that is the only reason it’s not an everyday wear item. Thanks for the write up…inproed to wear it everyday now! I Thank you GD team for all you do:). xo Helena

  • Kate Wright 14 avril 2019, 4:12 / Répondre

    I have loved this unique chunky style since this appeared 2 years ago. I finally found two that were designed by Loren Stewart. By chance one of them from TheRealReal.
    Thank you for a great signature style.

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