The Pearl Earring

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Erik Melvin

C’est vrai, les perles les plus précieuses se trouvent dans la nature, à l’état sauvage, et sont très rares. Mais en 2016, pas la peine de plonger en pleine mer pour devenir une « jeune fille à la perle ». Un tableau que j’admire et que j’ai même recréé, avec succès, pour Halloween.

Bref, inutile de le préciser, les perles sont toujours belles, qu’elles soient portées en rang ou dans leur variation plus moderne, version fantaisie, comme ces b.o. oversize signées Marni. C’est sympa de dépoussiérer une pièce un peu vieux-jeu. Je n’aurai peut-être jamais de collier de perles Mikimoto mais ces b.o. seront à moi !

B.O. perles fantaisie, Marni

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  • I love pearls worn with casual, everyday outfits like jeans and Ts. They lend softness and lustre to quite hard and masculine/androgynous clothes, or look quirky and slightly off-kilter when they are natural and rough, with dresses, or suits.

    My favourite ways to wear pearls are either as a short string of very tiny freshwater pearls with my usual leather and gold short necklace; and as a single, highly irregular, natural pearl stud of about 1.0cm x 0.75cm, which I wear high on my ear, along with my other ear piercings. That large, single stud always draws comments, as it looks like a small cloud amongst the other earrings, and I like it, because it reminds me of the boldness of Tibetan jewellery and its people.

  • You should really check out Saskia Diez! I bought the Pearl Pop earrings a couple of months ago and couldn’t have been happier. Great quality, reasonable prices and they lift every casual, everyday outfit and you support an artist.

  • I am not a big fan of pearls, but I do love that ear cuff from Anissa Kermiche!!

  • These Marni earings are very cute indeed.

    My italian friend, Lodovica Andrina (Brand name : Barabac) is also making beautiful pearl jewellery have a look at her website : http://www.barababac.com

    I design jewellery too, my style is baroque with a kind of « Game of Thrones » inspiration… Here’s my website : http://armelleaulestia.com

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