The Wide Leg Pant

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Erik Melvin

Ça vous arrive de sentir qu’une micro-tendance est en train de se dessiner sous vos yeux, comme si toutes les filles stylées s’étaient donné le mot, alors que vous, vous êtes passée à côté et avez oublié de porter votre chemise avec un pantalon plissé XXL ?

Oui, moi aussi, j’avais loupé l’info…

Cela étant, je ne crois pas qu’il soit trop tard… Avec les fêtes de fin d’année qui se profilent, les pantalons larges semblent être la solution rêvée pour dissimuler élégamment quelques excès. C’est le style décontracté d’inspiration masculine qui se marie très bien avec des talons, une chevelure détachée… un look à la fois très femme et androgyne que j’adore. Ma préférence va aux motifs soyeux, aux reflets de velours et aux cuirs souples.

claire beermann asia typek garance dore photo

yoyo cao asia typek garance dore photo

Maintenant que j’y pense, je regrette un peu d’avoir jeté ce pantalon violet qui aurait été parfait… Enfin, pas de regret, il n’y a que le présent qui compte !

Veste zippée, Adidas ; Chemisier blanc, Sonia Rykiel ; Pantalon noir en cuir, IRO ; Sandales à talons, Dear Frances ; B.O., Eddie Borgo / Pantalon Jaune, Celine ; Sac marron, Simon Miller


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  • Deuxieme look, sans hesiter, mais pour un soir de fete, j’echangerais les mocassins pour des sandales fines a talons.

  • Extremes–especially when they are the opposite of the current fashion–always look fresh. With everybody in skinny jeans, wide pants are bound to seem cool and different.
    Palazzo pants, a subset of wide-leg pants, seem to always be cool, even when they aren’t all over the place. Drama + comfort. What more could you want?

  • Ce pantalon noir est tout simplement MAGNIFIQUE ! <3

  • Wide leg pants exude so much elegance! I’ve always loved the tomboy-femme mix too!

  • wide leg pants ( sometimes called palazzo pants… depending on the width and drap) are classic as far as i’m concerned. and of course it was bound to happen.. what’s the opposite of skinny pants…?

  • I wrote about this too! I think this is a very classic look and an absolutely gorgeous silhouette.

  • The yellow pants are so wide even for her, the polka dots pants are so great and she styled it really well. I’m now living in my suit pants as I need the elegance of it to incorporate it with my sporty comfy style like here

  • Actually, the best part of this is that it is not at all a trend. You will always see a variation of this timeless look if you look hard enough. It’s a classic for a reason, and I love it.

  • It’s very simple it’s called Trend at the moment you see 2-3 images with pant’s like that your brain starts to get use to that
    and when you see many people than it’s a trend that is already in the for fashion people it’s over but for the main stream it’;s fashion..and it’s already over 5 y we see this in fashion shows….
    it’s like that about everything ….food clothes…
    find some real independent style is hard to find…….
    From The World With Love
    Yael Guetta

  • I just love the sunglasses! Does anyone know what they are?

  • ahhhh such a great idea! would love a fashion memo section!

  • I really think this is more than a trend. I’ve been wearing wide pants for some time now. In Stockholm (where I live) many girls pair the Rodebjer sini pants together with some Acne track boots or a pair of loafers, getting more and more common and pushing the skinny-jean back. If you have a creative profession, maybe with an oversized shirt and natural hair. For me as a lawyer tho, it works better with a classic silk shirt and a proper blowout. It’s such a nice silhouette and a lot of people look truly gorgeous in it – I hope it will last!

  • I concur, this look is classic and reminds me of growing up in NY in the 80s. And as a thin woman, a wide leg pant always works well. JCrew is always good with the wide pant or trouser, as is (now vintage, 80s/early 90s) Ralph Lauren.

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