Three Looks with Cassandra Dittmer

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Meet Cassandra Dittmer! She is a stylist based in Los Angeles with an eye for ‘impact forward’ fashion and sustainability. Read on to hear more about her take on « impact forward’ fashion and to get a peek at her style.


How would you describe your style in three words?

Forward, experimental, thoughtful

What is your earliest memory of recognizing « style »?

I loved going through pictures of my mom growing up. She grew up on a farm in rural Iowa and would wear metallic hot pants and bomber jackets. I remember thinking she was such a unicorn and loved dressing to make herself happy. Everything she wore was handmade and would take her hours to source, sew, etc. Fashion and style was innately part of her core. It’s no secret that my love for fashion was a deeply rooted art from my mom. Sometimes I think I love it so much because I am an intensely sentimental person. Fashion makes me feel connected to her!

Three Looks with Cassandra Dittmer

Most sentimental item in your wardrobe?

My grandpa’s old work boilersuit. I make really strong emotional ties to clothing and loved ones! I am definitely looking to design a boiler suit at some point in the near future :)

You IG bio has the line « impact forward fashion » as a descriptor. Can you expand a bit on your navigation in fashion to be « impact forward. »

I have experimented with different words in my bio and over the last couple years have kept coming back to « impact forward fashion. » To me, it is an encompassing phrase that means I continue to amplify forward-thinking ideals in the fashion and sustainability space. I strive to lead the industry in a way that considers the ethics, environment, and economics in both our future and current ideals. I approach the industry from a holistic standpoint and believe in making sacrifices so we can have a stronger and more considered impact on the world.

Three Looks with Cassandra Dittmer
Three Looks with Cassandra Dittmer

What do you want to see as the future of fashion?

I want to see the future of fashion as a proactive industry that exists to solve problems and create beauty in the world without sacrificing values. We have an essential and privileged industry that I want to see lean into the awareness and impact in a way that drives our culture and economy forward.There is so much potential at our fingertips and I don’t want us to miss an opportunity to facilitate and foster a smarter, more inclusive world through fashion.

Three Looks with Cassandra Dittmer

Look 1: Gestuz green skirt, white shirt and heels
Look 2: Public Habit burgundy dress paired w/ Gestuz navy and black boots
Look 3: Frankie Shop grey crop top / trouser set and AGL shoes

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