Three Looks with Sonia Mosseri

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I think we call give a slow clap to the rise of vintage inspired denim. It has made our lives so much easier (and comfier) to get dressed with a simple, elegant and cool aesthetic all rolled into one. Leading that fashion charge is Sonia Mosseri of Still Here. It makes it all the sweeter that she is as delightful in person as she appears in these photos. Read on to hear about her fashion philosophy…

How would you describe your style in three words?

Classic, cool, and elegant

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration for your premium denim brand, Still Here?

Still Here was created because I was starting to notice that women around me, from all walks of life, were beginning to dress with simplicity, myself included. Recognizing that denim was at the core of this shift was a huge inspiration and ‘aha’ moment for me. I really wanted to be part of this epic category of clothing that has taken on so many different forms. I also recognized that there was a void to fill in the market for a label that references classic vintage fit, wash, and wear in its designs. I hope that Still Here brings a certain novelty and freshness to the industry.

Three Looks with Sonia Mosseri
Three Looks with Sonia Mosseri
Three Looks with Sonia Mosseri

Do you have a specific design philosophy you live by when designing or are you more free flowing in your inspiration?

My design process is extremely intuitive. I ask myself what I would want to wear and what I find myself looking to buy. I try take note of things that draw my eye because it’s my intuition telling me to pay attention to a certain style, fit, or design.

I have a few muses that I like to play imaginary dress up with once I have a design fleshed out- if they pass the test, the sketches move to sampling.

Who inspires you on a daily basis?

My father. I don’t think his style has changed since the 70s, an era during which he claims, “it was uncool to care.” I would describe his style as a mix of European and Normcore. His jeans are 30 years old from Costco. He instilled in me the value of a dollar and the importance of buying things that you can continue to wear 10+ years from now. I try to bring this ethos to my own style and design process because there is nothing worse than looking at a picture of yourself from a few years ago and saying, “What was I thinking?!” I also source a ton of inspiration from Princess Diana’s off-duty look and Charlotte Rampling’s timeless style.

What would you like to be buried in? (*I find this to be fun and quirky question but some people are uncomfortable to answer so feel free to pass on it if so!)

Blue jeans, crisp white tee, brown leather belt, silk neck scarf, gold hoops and my Hoka sneakers (because I want to be prepared for anything!)

Three Looks with Sonia Mosseri

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