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Donc j’ai demandé à deux filles de notre équipe éditoriale de se pencher sur la coupe de de t-shirt idéale… col rond ou col V. Mais je me suis vite rendu compte que ce serait impossible vu que l’intégralité de notre équipe est de la Team col rond. Du coup, j’ai commencé à interroger les gens autour de moi, des amis, de la famille, des inconnus dans la rue, le serveur du bar du coin, pour découvrir qu’eux aussi étaient adeptes du col rond.

Moi-même, je vous écris ce post vêtue d’un t-shirt col rond blanc. J’ai un tout petit appart mais une pile entière de t-shirts blancs à col rond dans ma penderie, et j’en achète toujours plus. En revanche, vous savez ce que vous ne trouverez pas chez moi ? Un t-shirt col V !

Alors, il y en a parmi vous qui sont de la team col V ? Dites-nous ! Il doit bien y en avoir !

T-Shirts, KOTN.

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  • So I like V necks in theory but the problem is that it’s REALLY hard to find a good one (that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg) which makes me revert to crew necks as a default. Whereas you can find good crew necks fairly easily across most price points. My ideal V neck would be a deep V, mostly cotton but with enough « flow » to not sit stiffly across the body. I think the problem is that most V necks are either too short like in the photo above, or awkwardly deep yet thin (so it looks like a pizza slice) instead of a slightly wider V.

    TBH I’ve never found the perfect V but I’ve been hoping and hoping!

  • Jane Lynch 29 avril 2018, 9:42 / Répondre

    I am totally team v-neck! So much more flattering to a full face and breasts. Way sexier.

  • Full bust and wide shoulders = V Neck for me. I do admire women with my body type who can rock a crew neck, but they aren’t for me.

  • I’m the captain of team v! After wearing crew next tees throughout my 20’s, I realized that I look much better in a v neck tee. Caveat: this is not a blanket rule. All my solid color tees are v’s. And they have to be the right shape of v (wide and deep) to look right on me. This applies to sweaters too. However, I can pull off a Breton boat neck and a v neck stripe tee is just not righ. Still, though, I long for a perfect white crew neck tee that looks and feels as goon on me as my v’s. I envy your stack of white crews.

  • Veronica 29 avril 2018, 9:49

    Hi Rachel!

    Try one of these! I love them:

  • I’ve always been team crew neck my personal preference is a nice wide u neck tee. If your looking for a great v neck the vintage cotton tees from jcrew are a TOTAL game changer. The cotton is light a bit sheer, the cut are generous and the v neck is wide. Perfect summer staple.

  • Team V…it’s the T that offers feminin flaterry to big B’s!!!

  • TEAM V NECK 4 LYFE ???

    On bigger-chested women, crew necks create that “bosom” look that I associate with my elementary school teachers.

    I’m not talking a v-neck shaped crew neck masquerading as the real deal either; I’m looking for v-necks so deep that people complain about how deep they are in the online reviews. That’s my clue that a tee will flatter my hourglass shaped figure.

    I’ll fight for a drape-y, ultra-low cut v-neck tee to the bitter end. ?

  • Team V for sure! I second that a v-neck is more flattering to a larger bust line. I buy mine from here — good cotton with a nice hand: (they have crews too!)

  • It has to do with the fullness of the breast. Crew necks for smaller breasts and v necks for fuller. I am team V, all the way.

  • Elizabeth Van Wazer 29 avril 2018, 12:46 / Répondre

    Solved this problem with a U neck from Everlane! Now it’s my go to tee.

  • No way…V neck forever .Nothing more flattering and easy put together as a V neck and jeans .

  • team boat neck/scoop-back!

    or slightly looser crew necks, I have a long neck so v-necks just look strange (and small/no boobs so they pull strangely)

  • I’m team crew neck and I think it’s interesting people are saying they’re team V neck because they have a larger chest. My chest isn’t that small, but I don’t feel like V necks look right on me. And just in general, I prefer rounder shapes over sharper. So that’s another reason I don’t like wearing V necks.

  • Team Crew neck because I don’t feel like V necks look right on me. It’s interesting people with a larger chest are saying they prefer V necks, since my chest isn’t that small.

  • Team V neck!

    Is everyone in the Atelier office pretty thin, and on the less-busty side? Because crew necks that work for curvier women are few and far between.

    A v breaks up the mono-boob/prow effect that can happen when you have some size, and it reflects the shoulder-to-waist curve you hope people will notice. I mean, even in the pic above, the v neck bedecked gal looks curvier.

    But then, you didn’t need me to tell you that. Looks like MANY other women on Team V got there first!

  • Team V. I wish my chest was small enough for a crew. Like another person who commented above, I can only do deep and/or wide v neck or bateau / boatneck. I can also pull off turtleneck and funnel neck if it’s drapey / slouchy enough. But literally can’t do any other neck. The real question is: Boob reduction in the name of fashion?!

  • Yup, it’s all about busy size. As a 32G on an otherwise small body, a white tee with a crewneck creates a very unflattering look. I can do a crewneck in a dark color, navy or black, but for whites it’s all V’s, all the time.

  • V necks for me. Same thing: larger breasts, wider shoulders. I can wear a crew if the neckline isn’t too tight to the neck—that just makes me feel like I’m being strangled.

  • Oui moi aussi.. je préfèr le col V, plus jolie pour la décolleté et pour porter des colliers. Plus it elongates the body.. sorry trying to learn French.. your blog est trop intéressant et sort of facile de comprendre :-) merci beaucoup x

  • Melanie Steinemann 30 avril 2018, 7:54 / Répondre

    I prefer v-necks – they make you look taller.

  • Yvette McNair 30 avril 2018, 8:17 / Répondre

    For me it’s all about the « V »!! If you have a bust the crew neck can look like the breasts are fighting under a sheet! The V-neck is more flattering on busty/broader ladies. Crew neck and boatneck makes my shoulders appear too wide. Team V all the way…..!!

  • Virginie ATTAL 30 avril 2018, 9:00 / Répondre

    C’est surtout une question de morphologie plus que de goût. Les filles à poitrines seront plus à leur avantage dans un col V que rond. Mais comme la mode a décidé depuis un long long moment que le corps de la mode était plat et bien on trouve beaucoup plus de col rond. Il va falloir que ça change car la nouvelle génération est plutôt dotée de poitrines généreuses :-)

  • Oui… Mais je les porte à l’envers, devant-derrière!

  • Definitely crew necks for me. (I have a petite frame and a small chest.) V-necks are always just hanging off my chest and you have to be so careful about leaning over too far haha

  • Crew Neck for sure! I don’t like worrying about cleavage!

  • Nellie MacDougall 1 mai 2018, 3:45 / Répondre

    Boat necks, boat necks, boat necks. They are the only ones for me. Not so easy to find, though. Any clues?

  • Col en V pour moi, plus dégagé, plus sexy!

  • A mix of both! I think a loose, low round neck tee is the most flattering. The jeans in this story are perfection – where are they from?

  • I love V neck – but it’s a fairly recent feeling I have to say! I’m normally crew all the way – my first style for my knitwear label STUDY 34 was a crew! V neck coming in the autumn by popular demand though and I must say I’ve loved wearing the sample…

  • Jennifer 2 mai 2018, 4:21 / Répondre

    V neck to balance out my long legs-short torso- large bust body type; but love the idea of a crew neck, which plays better to my tomboyish aesthetic.

  • Who can even wear a white t shirt? I stain it in five minutes…team no white t’s.

    I can do a crew neck as long as it’s not too tight or a v neck as long it’s deep enough.

  • Katinka Goncalves 13 mai 2018, 2:57 / Répondre

    Team V neck, I have crew necks but with a large bust, V necks are just more flattering. I finally found the perfect T, 100% cotton, no slub and loose around the middle. I have it in every size, small is still loose and fairly long, large is very loose and needs pinning if I don’t want the “off the shoulder” look.

  • Katinka Goncalves 13 mai 2018, 3:16 / Répondre

    V neck! Large bust line requires it. Finally found the perfect one at Oak NYC.

  • Jane with the noisy terrier 16 mai 2018, 10:16 / Répondre

    I have a short neck and as I’ve gotten older, my boobs are bigger than they were in my youth, so for me, a v-neck is most flattering. It lengthens my neck and makes my chest look like I have two boobs instead of a uniboob! Now for swan-necked women with small pert breasts, a crew neck is divine!

  • Totally team v-neck. I’m a short girl with big boobs – v-necks are totally the way to go in this scenario. Crewnecks are for layering under sweaters when you want a peek of the underneath to show at the collar.


  • Great article! I like to wear v-neck t-shirts. I like this article so much. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • I also have a stash of white (and black) crew neck Ts. I don’t think Vs look good on my, as my face is a little heart-shaped, so my chin seems pointy. There’s no need to emphasize that.

  • Le col rond c’est mignon mais importable lorsque l’on a une forte poitrine, mon bonnet G et moi nous sommes Team V mais c’est un peu par défaut.

  • Small boobs look much more sexier with Vneck than crew neck! I took back my feminity thanks to V necks :)

  • V neck or boat neck for me please

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