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Bad Foundation

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Bad Foundation

J’ai un rituel beauté assez ordinaire. En général, c’est : crème hydratante > fond de teint (ou crème teintée) > anticernes aux endroits critiques > parfois un peu de poudre pour fixer tout ça > un peu de bronzeur ou blush > mascara > gel sourcils. C’est très simple ! Sur le moment, c’est toujours génial. Mais le problème, c’est que VERS MIDI (parfois bien avant), tout est déjà à moitié effacé. Pourquoi ?? Est-ce que c’est parce que j’applique surtout ces produits au doigt ? Mon make-up est-il trop cheap ? Mon visage rejette-t-il le maquillage ?

Je n’ai pas envie d’avoir un make-up hyper sophistiqué ambiance contouring tous les jours, et je ne veux PAS passer 30 minutes à me maquiller, mais j’aimerais bien un peu d’aide.

Comment vous faites, vous ??


Ajouter le votre
  • No makeup ! Just lipstick …and not everyday. Less is more. Bisous.

  • This is great advice, and always a good reminder. Merci! xx

  • jane with the noisy terrier 19 septembre 2016, 3:26 / Répondre

    Two things — primer and setting spray. I like the coconut water based primer by Marc Jacobs – it’s light and fresh and it works. Sunday Riley makes a good one as well, as does Hourglass. Find one that works with your skin type, that’s the key. Then apply your foundation, etc. Definitely use setting powder — I like the By Terry Hyluronic Hydra Powder but if you prefer a pressed powder, go with Chanel or Charlotte Tilbury. Dip a small fluffy brush into the powder, tap off the excess and then roll the brush (rather than brush it) over your concealer and any place you tend to get shiny. Before you put on your mascara, lock in your makeup with Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray. (Actually, they make a couple versions now. Again, go with what works best for your skin type.) The added benefit of a setting spray is that it melds your makeup together, so it looks less powdery, less makeup-y and more like skin. For long lasting foundations that aren’t too heavy, try the Chanel CC Cream or the It Cosmetics CC cream. If they can stay in place through South Carolina humidity, they’ll last in NYC Indian Summer! Hope this helps!

  • This is incredibly helpful! Thank you for your wisdom, going to give it a try xx

  • After your moisturizer use Chanel cc Cream with a little mac sheer powder. It’s stays all day, no primer needed!

  • Good organic toner like Santaverde aloe vera toner prevents this and helps perfectly maintaining make-up all over the day. It is in big part a pH issue and toner is equalizing its level so that skin is acidic enough.

  • It might just depend on specific products? I use L’Oreal BB cream (over L’Oreal futur-e moisturizer) and it stays matte and even all day. With other heavier products I’ve found it needs upkeep throughout the day though. I like this really light BB cream because it smooths out my skin but has a no-makeup look. Others have not worked as well… (not an ad, L’Oreal products just seem to work for me)

  • Tip – apply your foundation or tinted moisturizer with a slightly damp beauty blender. It makes it look much more even and natural and I think it helps it to last longer.

  • PRIMER. I like to look « glowy » now that I’m in my 36th year, so I use the excellent Dior Glow Maximizer. But if you’re after a more matte finish I’d advise Smashbox’s original primer. They’ve made primer their special corner and they do it very well. I second Jane with the Noisy Terrier on setting powder and setting spray and add my own favorite powder for consideration: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. I find between the Glow Maximizer and the powder that I can actually just do concealer and skip the foundation/tinted moisturizer, and still survive a full day basically intact.


  • I live in Singapore where it’s incredibly humid everyday and ran into this problem after moving here from California. I’ve found that Korean cosmetics/skincare really takes staying power and light formulations into account when developing their products. My current holy grail items are the Innisfree Orchid enriched cream (tapping it in very lightly on only dry areas. Some moisturizers actually make foundations slide off, but this doesn’t), and then The Face Shop CC cream Aura compact- light, but great coverage. Over that, I’ll use RMS Blush in Smile. My makeup stays on all day even in heavy humidity. (p.s. you can find most of these products on Amazon. Thank Goodness for technology). Hope that helps!

  • I always go for Clinique powder for perfect skin all day long- Stay Matte in the summer (light powder but helps with sheer even in warm weather) and Almost Powder Makeup in the winter (porcelains skin without too much coverage or drying up skin)! Loyal for 13 years!

  • Maybe products you use don’t suit you? If this happened to me I would definitely look for another fluid.

  • The slow pace 20 septembre 2016, 4:54 / Répondre

    Maybe the foundation you use is not the right one for your skin type? I used to wear foundations that my face ate up and it was because my skin is dry so I changed to dry appropriate ones. I tend to avoid primers because I don’t like the feeling of different layers in my face and I have a very similar routine so maybe you will enjoy Bourjois CC cream. It’s lighter than foundation but it stays put all day! I apply a thin layer with a buffer brush and I really love the results! Pores gone! The Nars concealer in Vanilla helps to cover a little bit more my dark circles and the red areas around my nose (Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is my alias) and that’s it. It takes me five minutes!

  • Foundation is so tricky for me too, I can’t afford 5 products to put on my face daily which come in such small sizes! I once got setting powder, but makes my face look like paper, and feels so uncomfortable, I immediately want to go wash it off. I mix a little foundation with my moisturizer, YSL touch d’eclat under my eyes, though I read that’s not how you’re supposed to wear it, and some blush. Sometimes it’s easier to add some color in your lips or cheeks rather than making your whole face look even with foundation. xoxox

  • After moisturizer I apply a primer (Lisse Minute, Clarins) then the foundation with a brush. It lasts all the day and
    looks very natural.

  • Why all the make-up? To cover what?
    Be a natural beauty – less is more, indeed.
    Focus your efforts on moisturizer, sun protection and good basic nutrition and you will glow from the inside. No need to slather on chemicals that ultimately age your skin and steal your natural, healthy glow.
    My advice? Argan oil on the outside, Olive oil on the inside. ;)

  • Peau entre mixte et grasse: l’été, un sérum anti-rides bio à base d’acide hyaluronique + BB crème Bio de Nuxe. L’hiver, le même produit bio à base d’acide hyaluronique, mais en version crème + BB crème Bio de Nuxe.
    Pour les raccords (grosse chaleur, ou sortie le soir), des petits papiers qui absorbent délicatement le sébum en excès, et un coup léger de poudre matifiante – bio toujours (couleur Caramel, ou Lily Lolo par exemple).

    Je ne fais pas une religion des produits bio, mais je les utilise de préférence, d’une part parce que c’est plus facile de savoir s’ils sont testés ou non sur les animaux; d’autre part, parce que les autres produits contiennent beaucoup d’ingrédients par exemple en -one, qui sont très bien pour le maquillage, mais qui à longterme abîment ma peau (pores bouchés -> points blancs et points noirs). Par exemple, j’adore mettre une base lissante pour avoir un maquillage impeccable, mais je la réserve aux grandes occasions, parce que quotidiennement c’est un désastre pour ma peau.

    Pour bien réussir ton maquillage, il faut d’abord bien connaître ta peau, la laisser sans nue pendant plusieurs jours. Bon courage.

  • I have had this problem too. When I use a tinted moisturizer or base in liquid form, I need to bake my under eyes, nose and between eyebrows to make it last. It is too much work in the morning. Now I use powder foundation instead. The classic Bare Minerals loose powder foundation works great, and can be applied very sheer so that it doesn’t look heavy. It looks mat at first, but after a while it blends with your natural oils and moisturizer and looks very natural. I have just stopped using concealer – it doesn’t last and takes too much time. The powder is very quick to apply as well!

  • Jane Dalea-Kahn 28 septembre 2016, 12:25 / Répondre

    Everyone is different and there are many factors to consider when it comes to your makeup. I wear different shades of foundation as the seasons change. Primer is essential – it will help your makeup stay on your face and minimize fine lines and pores. I use Arbonne Primer – it’s Vegan and just excellent. Many women think they don’t need makeup and while I celebrate freedom and choice, I think most women look great with some natural looking make up. But it’s a choice, no? So if you choose, apply the primer, then the foundation. I use a brush. Then concealer. Make sure you have the right shade. Eyelash extensions are THE BOMB. A little bronzer strategically applied with a light blush. Eyeliner and there you go!

  • Greetings all!

    I also practice a ‘less is more’ approach – I avoid applying multiple products whenever possible. My skin cannot breathe with all those layers.

    I have oily skin. I double cleanse with a cleansing oil – right now I’m using Palmer’s Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil – once to get the grime off, and then again to actually clean the skin. I find that the cleansing oil leaves my skin prepped enough to apply foundation without additional moisturizer. After cleansing I apply Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. It’s creamy, easy to use, has SPF 20, and feels light. As Hannah mentioned, I too stopped using concealer as it is too much work…I prefer to just get enough sleep rather than spend time painting over dark circles. If I do need a bit of « help » under the eyes I carefully pat on a little extra foundation.

    I keep MAC Prep & Prime Powder Compact and a retractable powder brush in my bag and use it for touch-ups during the day. It’s super effective and one of the few repeat purchases I have made over the years! It’s a finely milled white powder but goes on colorless, lending a polished, natural look. It soaks up oil, doesn’t cake up, and freshens my face without a lot of effort – just a few fluffy swipes over the T-zone and I’m good!

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