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Birth Control

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Birth Control

L’épisode d’aujourd’hui est indispensable puisqu’on y parle contraception ! Garance discute avec Tori, Natalie et Emily des différentes solutions disponibles, de leurs effets secondaires possibles, évoquent quelques anecdotes cocasses … et n’oublient pas la chance qu’on a d’y avoir accès et de pouvoir en parler librement.

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Pocket PMF: Birth Control
Pardon My French with Garance Doré
Pocket PMF: Birth Control
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  • Jorge Alexandre Teixeira 28 février 2018, 3:30 / Répondre

    This pocket PMF was a real eye-opener and i’m a guy , you know what i mean? And you girls are so fuc**n’ funny and so real !!! I mean…
    who’s not familiar with the «pull-out method»?
    A vida também é isto !!!

    Kisses from Lisboa,

  • What an interesting conversation, thank you for sharing it! – I agree, just having the choice of using birth control is a huge privilege! I think you should carry on the conversation on another PMF and talk more about the decision of quitting the birth control to start trying for a baby. Personally, it did feel like a big deal for us as a couple (and we are expecting now).

    I also think how funny – and odd – it is the change in attitude towards protected and unprotected sex as you age: you go through your 20s actively avoiding a pregnancy, and the moment you are in a settled relationship, married or hit your 30s, the pressure from family (and even friends) really kicks in – and the topic of your fertility almost becomes public domain!

  • I was taking pills for year until I got a fibro adenoma in my breast (supposedly that’s one of the side effects of BC) that started growing rapidly. Once off the pill, omg I realized how crazy I was.
    Ladies, please do self examination regularly and get screened at least annually. There are a ton of organizations (at least here in NYC) that do it for free.

  • May I ask the fertility app that Garance recommended?

  • Really nice and important topic guys, just before recommending so much Natural Cycles, as a stockholmer – since it’s a Swedish app – I feel obligated to bring to your attention that its under investigation by Swedish authorities.
    Just be aware, of course no contraception is 100 % but still this particular one is very much under development.

  • Stephanie 4 mars 2018, 5:02 / Répondre

    Thank you for this! Most of all, thank you for Garance’s honesty about her abortion. It’s refreshing to hear her talk about it the way I would like to xx

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