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Caraway Cookware

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Caraway Cookware

In my New Years mission to get serious about my health (and my weight, let’s be honest…I came back from Japan the heaviest I’ve ever been!), I’ve become dedicated to a new exercise regimen—running and Modo Yoga!—and to cooking at home.

And it feels pretty amazing! But for me to really get into something—be it a new routine or new activity, I have to have the right gear.

For running I got myself a pair of Hoka sneakers, and for my cooking, I’ve become obsessed with Caraway Cookware. Their pots and pans are not only totally Instagram candy (don’t worry, I’m not going to become a food-fluencer), but they are ceramic and totally non-toxic. It’s great to learn how to cook at home, but what a miss if you’re doing it using pots and pans that are full of chemicals. These beauties are the real deal—they are truly non-stick and super easy to clean, which has helped me tone down the amount of butter and olive oil I need to use to grease my pans when cooking. It was even super easy to clean the small pot after making homemade queso for the super bowl…

…Not part of my diet, but you know, everything in moderation!

If like me you’re trying to take charge of your health by learning how to cook healthy, whole foods the investment for the right gear is totally worth it, especially when it’s so pretty that it makes you want to use it. Oh and added bonus, their cookware sets come with very handy organizers to prevent your kitchen cabinets from becoming shameful stacks of cookware that comes crashing down each time you need to find a pan or a lid. A nice type-A plus that I’m totally a fan of.

And if you need some recommendations on where to start on the cooking front, our friends at Bon Appétit have been a godsend for easy, manageable recipes and useful videos and gifs of how to properly chop those veggies. Praise be!

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