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L’autre jour, la peau de mes délicats talons est devenue tellement sèche qu’elle a fini par se craqueler… et c’est aussi douloureux que vous l’imaginez… bon ok, pas tout à fait autant :)

C’est drôle parce que je me souviens de ma mère se plaignant de la même chose quand j’étais petite, et de moi, pensant : « Beurk, comment c’est possible ? » 20 ans plus tard, je me pose toujours la même question. Et pourtant je m’hydrate et me crème généreusement… enfin, c’est ce que je croyais…

Donc, bref, je me demandais si vous aviez un remède… quelque chose de pas trop compliqué… Et aussi, qu’est-ce que je peux faire pour éviter que ça se reproduise ?


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  • So I remember when this happened to my mum and she warned me it would happen to me – so I believe the trick that solves this issue is to just douse your heels in Vaseline, put some socks on and leave them on overnight! Otherwise, I use the Soap and Glory foot mask, its really good!


  • Le stick Alessandro ! Et je croyais avoir tout essayé ! Miraculeux

  • I just discovered this trick and I love how it works: cut up a bunch of lemons (or even use leftover squeezed lemons) and add to a tub or sink with warm water and soak for 15 min or even longer. The acid from the lemon helps break down that dead skin on your heels; just use a pumice stone and scrub away! Sometimes I sit each heel in a lemon half and it fits perfectly and makes me feel like I’m targeting that area. Also I hear it helps to soak your feet vinegar and warm water if you don’t have lemons. Ready for sandal weather in a few more months!

  • This sounds resourceful and cheap, two things my mother would be proud of. I’m only wary of it stinging?? Thanks Jasmine!

  • You need the Japanese Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation Foot peel! Look it up on Amazon and read the reviews. It sounds and looks scary but it really isn’t; I recommend it to everybody.

  • Ditto the BabyFoot. Awesome results but totally freaky…

  • I use Alba Botanica un petroleum (which is a greener alternative to Vaseline) along with socks overnight. A few days of this along with a pumice stone gets rid of the problem. Then I use the sock plus treatment once a week all winter long to keep the problem at bay.

  • Dexeryl ultra simple et efficace

  • I have psoriasis and my heels will crack periodically in painful, deep cracks. I have tried pretty much everything and the only thing that has worked has been Vick’s Vaporub. I put it on my feet, put on socks and presto! My skin looks and feels baby-soft.

  • I have psoriasis and my heels will crack periodically in painful, deep cracks. I have tried pretty much everything and the only thing that has worked has been Vick’s Vaporub. I use a battery operated pumice stone, I put Vick’s on my feet, put on socks and presto! My skin looks and feels baby-soft.

  • Oh, this happened to me when I lived in Africa and went around with no socks. My heels got so hard and then cracked (and even bled!). I used a cream that farmers put on cow udders to keep them from chapping. It was fine–a little stickier than Vaseline, and didn’t smell bad or anything. Plus, it worked.

  • Kimberly 17 janvier 2017, 6:11

    Bag balm!!!

  • Aquaphore healing ointment, there is nothing this miracle ointment can`t cure – cracked heels among them, but so much more….

  • Heidi Mirdala 17 janvier 2017, 4:19 / Répondre

    This is really a fungus. Vaseline and socks can make it worse. You need to google Dr. Canuso’s foot repair serum and read what she says about it.

  • As a dancer …i Would say take off High heels And put you feet Fully in The ground… As a three they will absorb The necessary to réhydrate, with gentelness And confidence on this Earth that hold us, stop hurrying And walk with love as life comes back to Them … Then enjoy with The spring coming The pleasant flow of a river water …After this preparation every cream And scribes will be enough … Full of life your feet will welcome them well

  • Baking soda works as well as lemons, also in a mild to hot water and then scrub. After that a quick massage with argan oil. Ready to go, super soft again!

  • Hi Brie: Vichy Podexine reconditioning care for dry feet. Rub in a good dollup every evening for a few days, problem gone! Works better of course if you soak first and file away with a callus file first. Or don’t soak and use a good battery operated one from scholl. When the sun comes out and you want to transform your dry winter feet to pretty summer feet overnight: file, Podexine, sleep- done! Never changed this recipe ever since I found this miracle stuff.
    Last but not least: rubbing a little of it on your feet in the morning looks and feels like a good moisturizer for your face.

  • I think it has relation with the way you step. It could be also a kind of allergy of synthetics socks.
    To keep away the pain you must file your heels, because the dead skin is like a knife in your crack.
    then moisturize with Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm 40ml i
    very effective and not too expensive.
    Avoid bare heels shoes

  • I have the same problem and have used several products and methods to combat it. I’ve just ordered Glytone Heel and Elbow Cream which uses glycolic acid to soften and exfoliate the rough, thick skin. The reviews of the product are very good and it is often recommended by dermatologists – hope it works for me.

  • Je fais attention à mes pieds à l’année longue. Je ne prends pas soins de mes pieds seulement lorsque le mercure monte. J’utilise un polissoir sur mes talons assez régulièrement. J’utilise assez souvent. J’ai arrêté d’utiliser en ce moment car, je n’ai aucunement les pieds qui craquent malgré le froid canadien dans lequel je vis depuis toute ma vie. J’hydrate BEAUCOUP mes pieds avec de l’huile de noix de coco ou l’huile d’amande douce. :) Mes pieds me remercient. Je n’ai pas honte de sortir mes pieds. They are ready all the time.

  • Nadia Halliday 18 janvier 2017, 1:23 / Répondre

    I had never had an issue with dry skin until 3 months ago when I moved to Arizona and have been wearing sandals and walking everywhere (as I’m a a little scared still driving on the other side ( I’m from the UK) I went to a Vietnamese nail bar for a pedicure and they used Vaseline after the pumice on my feet and that’s what I’ve been using too I use it everyday it’s working a treat !

  • I don’t know about cracked heels, but I second the Vaseline + socks advice at bedtime! I rub my feet with a foot file from the Body Shop once a week, and then do the Vaseline + socks every night. Smooth as a baby’s bottom, and I’m a runner too! :)

  • Une nuit avec une grosse couche de vaseline et des chaussettes de temps en temps… et des pieds de bébé !

  • Something as simple as Shea Butter before putting on your socks ! Cheap, natural, and it works so well

  • Le remède PRENIUM est sans aucun doute le beurre de karité. On en applique généreusement sur les pieds à la sortie de la douche et on met des chaussettes avant le coucher.

  • Elizabeth Arden 8 hour skin cream

  • Laila Ghazal 18 janvier 2017, 6:42 / Répondre

    Louis Widmer Carbamide Creme 18% concentration

  • Danielle Korneliussen 18 janvier 2017, 7:02 / Répondre

    Buy a pack of Baby Foot – a really wonderful and effective treatment for tootsies that are anything from just dry and ignored to really chapped and cracked. I will admit that I was pretty shocked when I saw how much shin peeling happened a few days after the treatment, but there was no discomfort. As a yoga teacher, I had to wear a thin pair of white socks for a few days so as not to leave a flake-trail around the studio. I’m sure the students were questioning that, but really… It is such a fine treatment! They also sell a follow-up cream, but I just stick to Elizabeth Arden’s famous 8 Hour Cream for that. Good luck!

  • je mets de l’huile parfumée tous les matins et tous les soirs sur mes talons car je trouve les talons secs ou craquelés super vilains, et les miens m’ont fait peur l’été dernier. C’est pas assez pour enlever toute trace de déshydratation selon les moments de l’année (et la sècheresse et la quantité de temps où tes talons ont porté tout ton poids dans la journée), et ca marche encore mieux si :
    * tu mets tes pieds dans des chaussettes juste après
    * tu prends des bains (au moins bains de pied) en frottant doucement la peau des talons avec de la pierre ponce et en les laissant tremper ensuite un long moment (tu mets des trucs qui sentent bons dans l’eau aussi), et ensuite tu remets une couche d’huile ou de crème super hydratante
    => en bref faut toujours toujours les hydrater

  • The miracle sauve Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream

  • You should definitely try the « Pommade contre les gerçures » by Gewhol

    It really works. Try it morning and evening with socks. When the worst has gone you should use the « Lipido crème » on a daily basis. You’ll see thé difference !

    Good luck

  • Flexitol heel balm. Seriously you will notice a difference in a day!!!

  • Hi :-)
    I use Bariéderm fisssures, crevasses stick by Uriage when wearing sandals to protect a crack that is beginning or closing and I love the Vichy cream mentioned above but can no longer find it in Switzerland. I have found that Neutrogena does a very good cream for very dry feet that is quick to restore your heels and Mavala has a fabulous one too called Repairing Foot Care with 25% Urea.
    Good luck!

  • Neutrogena for cracked heels is the best. It will work and solve this problem area in a couple of days. I’ve tried other creams and not so effective.

  • Don’t use vaseline, or petroleum. It’s horrible for the skin, the skin can’t breathe normally when you put it on.
    Just organic shea butter, or cocoa butter on slightly damp skin, and you can put socks on if you want :)

  • Oh good tip ! Thanks Katy!

  • Egyptian Magic cream and socks overnight. Cracks gone!

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