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La semaine prochaine je vais au TEXAS pour la première fois, yeeeeeeeeeeha ! (j’étais obligée de la faire)

Je serais à Dallas, chez Neiman Marcus NorthPark pour donner une conférence. Ça va être chouette.
Je vais avoir le temps de visiter la ville alors je me demandais, est-ce que vous avez des adresses ? Des gens qu’il faut que je rencontre ? Des choses qu’il faut que je fasse ? Que je ramène ? Comment ? Des santiags ?


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  • Garance, je n’arrive pas a vous imaginer en cowboy boots !

  • Exactly! Please don’t! What would Scott say?! Didn’t he have a thing about cowboy boots in his book….

  • Si tu as le temps visite San Antonio… C’est juste adorable! Un mélange d’USA et d’Amérique du sud.

  • LaDuni at NorthPark for brunch is my favorite!

  • Tu serais cap’ de faire la photo cowboy : santiags/chapeau/chemise à carreaux/cheval? Bon voyage au Texas en tout cas :)

  • Oh Garance, so excited to have you in my hometown! To be honest I have never owned a pair of cowboy boots, so I can’t help much in that regard. However, for food you should definitely check out the Bishop Arts District- specifically Bolsa! They have a wonderful changing menu based on local ingredients, and the atmosphere is wonderful. As for shopping, Forty Five Ten has a beautiful collection of designer pieces. You also should check out a new shoe store called The Office of Angela Scott- she has the most wonderful bench made oxfords and boots: the quality is incredible.

    When is your talk at Neimans? I would love to be there!

  • Kendriana 19 octobre 2012, 10:51

    Yeah, nobody wears boots in Dallas lol.

    When is your talk? I plan on being there!!!!!!! Exciting!

  • The Spiral Diner in Oak Cliff has amazing vegan food, so I hear! And the Pearl Cup is the best coffee shop in Dallas.

    Maybe I can come see you when you talk at Neiman Marcus! I would love to meet you : )

  • io.caprone 22 octobre 2012, 3:07

    you should spend some time in Oak Cliff in general – I’m sure that someone has mentioned Bishop Arts District, one of the retail centers of Oak Cliff. Super delicious foods – Lucia (honestly the best and most welcoming restaurant in town), Hattie’s, Oddfellows, Dude Sweet Chocolate… – and some of your friendliest Dallasites. On the outskirts and closer to downtown is a wonderful fried chicken place called the Foundry and Chicken Scratch, GREAT place to share a beer with friends, and make new friends.
    Oak Cliff is actually a very complicated and storied place and Bishop Arts is only a starting point for that area. I also recommend along W. Jefferson just east of Bishop Arts for the soul of the Latino retail community in Oak Cliff.


  • Go to the little towns down there, very western!!! Go to Forthwoth or even smaller towns, you can take awesome pics and a lot of vegetation, you will love it!!!!! die to be there!

  • It’s too bad you’re missing the State Fair of Texas. It ends this weekend. I think you definitely should go to the flagship Neiman’s downtown. Then do the typical stuff — eat barbecue (NOT at Sonny Bryan’s, whatever you may hear from others; I like Pecan Lodge at the Dallas Farmer’s Market and Peggy Sue BBQ in Snider Plaza), check out the Dallas Arboretum at White Rock Lake and shopping in the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff (get a bite at Bolsa on West Davis Street and sit on the patio), maybe go to the JFK assassination site and the Sixth Floor Museum, which provides very good historical background on JFK, Dallas, and the assassination and its aftermath. Then, have a local drive you around neighborhoods — ritzy ones like Highland Park (stop at Highland Park Village Shopping Center), pretty ones like Lakewood or Kessler Park, and funky ones like Deep Ellum, Old East Dallas, or Little Forest Park. DON’T go to Southfork Ranch. (P.S.– Boots are entirely optional.)

  • Je suis totalement d’accord avec ce commentaire, conseils à suivre! Garance, je suis ravie que tu passes par là, j’irai évidemment te voir, discrètement, certainement ;-)

  • Food: If you are a fanatic for high end dining, and a carnivore, try Rafain’s Brazilian Steakhouse. If you adore vegetarian, try Cosmic Cafe- they offer yoga Thursday evenings for a donation of your choice. For asian, try P.F. Chang’s in Northpark. They have the best cheesecake. Being that you’re a coffee fanatic, La Duni is perfect for you!!!

    Shopping/Skincare: NorthPark itself is a wonderful shop for commerical shopping. Neiman Marcus has a great selection of designer clothing and cosmetics. Origins is a great place for skincare and a free hydating facial. Aveda is great for skincare, and they have complementary hair/facial consultation. LUSH is my fave store of moderately priced goodies that are handmade and 90 percent natural. Ask for Shauna, Teresa, or Elyssa-prerrably. If they are not available, any associate will happily help you. For thrift shopping, Buffalo Exchange @ Greenville is Marvelous. I am enamoured with this shop.

    Pasttime/Attractions: Dallas Museum of Art- they once featured one of Jean Paul Gaultier’s collection. The Dallas Heritage Village is a great place visit-calling ahead to gathered information on special events, et cetera. Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Tour is a great place to visit-it is in close proximity to my college, and it gives you the tour of the plaza where Kennedy was assassinated. That can be booked!

    Para bebidas (for drinks)- The Art Bar in Deep Ellum, I hear, is an exactly place to listen to great music and sip your fave libation. The gypsy tea room is famous here, and I am pretty beyond la frontera de Tejas.

    These are just tidbit of the mountains of activities here.

  • The above URL is correct, not the one from the main post.

  • Oh sweetie…no one does the cowboy boot thing here….think LA, double the bleach and boob jobs per capita and then you’ll be on to the vibe here. Sorry to miss you, I got the invite to your event but sadly I am out of town. So bummed!

  • Mark Lewis 17 octobre 2012, 6:30

    You said a mouthful there!

  • I was about to say the same thing. Dallas girls, like most Midwest women are always dressed to the top, have their make-up done and high heel shoes, even if they are going to the store to get coke. Doesn’t matter! And to be honest… I kinda miss that here in San Fran!

  • Topham Beauclerk 17 octobre 2012, 6:23 / Répondre

    Ooops. — Bolsa restaurant is on West 12th, not West Davis. ¡Lo siento mucho!

  • Dallas is a really vibrant city with wonderful restaurants and shopping. If you really want cowboy boots, I’d recommend going to Fort Worth and checking out M L Leddy’s. They make custom boots that are truly works of art and super comfy.

    For Mexican food, check out Mattito’s. They have avacado enchiladas that are sinful and the Rumba-rita that really packs a punch (2 drink max). The shopping and dining at Highland Park Village is wonderful (especially Bistro 31 and the Marquis for food and outrageously good drinks). I also love Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen for homey, hearty, and flavorful southern/Texan/American food.

    If you have time, check out the Meadow’s Museum at Southern Methodist University. It is small but houses a great collection of Spanish art and there’s a Velazquez exhibit right now on loan from the Prado.

    I hope you have a great visit!!

  • That’s fantastic !!!!!! Please come to L.A to visit us!!!

  • Oh pooh! I am leaving Dallas Monday morning. Would have loved to have met you at NM!

  • Anika Zebron 17 octobre 2012, 7:50 / Répondre

    Come to Seattle!!! But have fun in Dallas too. :)

  • lucky! I wanna go! never been!

  • Renzo Piano’s Nasher Sculpture Garden, I went twice I loved it so much.

    Dallas Museum of Art is right next door.

    Louis Kahn’s, Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth is well worth the effort of going over there.

    The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame is in Fort Worth. I have never been there but I bet you could see a lot of outfits.

  • Isabelle Décarie 17 octobre 2012, 8:39 / Répondre

    Dallas… ton univers impitoyaaaaable !! Amuse-toi bien !

  • If only you could come to Houston!

  • Yeeeeeehaa indeed, it will be fun to have you in our fair city. The cool kids, restaurants and shops all seem to be in Oak Cliff around Bishop Arts these days, including Emporium Pies (just pie and coffee, very down home).
    For glitz and shopping Highland Park Village is fun, especially Hadleigh’s where you can order custom slippers and Scott might enjoy the owner, Ed Shaikh, a fan of all things sartorial.
    Have a wonderful time and welcome to Texas little lady.

  • You’ve got to come to Austin! Or at least the next time you’re in Texas. Dallas has improved in the past few years, but Austin is still way more fun and relaxed… :) However, for food, I recommend Lucia and OddFellows in Bishop Arts. Have fun!

  • I grew up in Dallas and now live in NewYork, so trust me on this!
    I have never commented before, but really want you to have a good experience in my hometown.

    For food:
    T Room for lunch at fortyfiveten if you are in the mood for fashion and gourmet salads/sandwiches.
    I always come here with my girl friends to catch up.
    (Kind of a pain to find and get here, but it is worth it!)

    Blue Goose or Uncle Julio’s (texmex) for no nonsense beef or chicken fajitas and margaritas. Blue Goose has some serious tortillas that will make you want to beg them for their recipe. I come here everytime I go back home to Dallas.

    Rise for a beautiful dinner experience. They have the best tuna nicoise salad in Dallas and their interior is one of the best in the city. Really chill and relaxing atmosphere that is not trying to hard.

    R+D Kitchen is also nice for lunch or dinner. Well crafted american food with nice interior.

    Fat Straws is perfect place for boba/bubble tea. I really love their taro slush with soy milk w/coffee jelly.
    You can catch up on your blogging here :)

    La Duni at northpark is great for dinner. They serve mexican dishes that are more meat centric. Most importantly, they have the best nutella cake that will blow your mind!

    For shopping:

    Clothes Circuit is a nice consignment shop with jems to be found! The interior of the store is not amazing, but I have found some great deals in there. (kind of like a mix between tokyo seven and ina)

    North Park is a great mall with almost every store you need.. but as a new yorker, I despise malls.

    Nike outlet at grapevinemills mall. I seriously come here every time i visit dallas, to stock up on athletic clothing! they have a neiman marcus outlet here as well, but you probably won’t find anything good, especially if you compare it to ny sample sales!

    For museums:

    If you can, please visit The Modern in fort worth (45 min drive from dallas). Literally, one of the most breathtaking museums I have visited. The architect of the museum is Tadao Ando. The collection itself is ok. They have an interesting piece by Rauschenberg and another by Richard Serra.
    Across the street is Kimbell Art Museum, which has more content and the structure is beatifully planned.

    I’m not sure if you are into botanical gardens, but there is one near these two museums in fort worth.

    In Dallas, you must see the Nasher sculpture garden. It is quite beautiful and serene.
    A great place to relax and meditate. (If you have to pick one museum, this should be it!)
    It is quite small, but the content/experience is powerful.
    The Dallas Museum of Art is not my favorite, but it is nearby.

    If you want to take a walk/jog in nature, I would recommend going to Arbor Hills in Plano, which is a 15-20 min drive from dallas, depending where you will be staying.
    It is about a 3 mile path within a controlled natural environment. I love coming here to run when I want a break from driving around in a car all day or to escape the noise from urban life.
    Trust me, but I think you will love this spot!

    I read the above previous comments… I would avoid Highland Park Village because it is essentially 5th avenue in NYC minus the tourists. Think luxury stores upon luxury stores… which I know you have seen!

    Enjoy Dallas!

  • Very simple… Go to Austin!

  • Sans doute. Austin is the best part of Texas.

  • If you actually had time, I’d say trek out to Marfa or Terlingua. Terlingua is a crazy ghost town in way West Texas, and I was married there! Stay at the Big Bend Holiday Hotel, and tell Lisa I sent you. Or stay in Alpine, Texas at the Holland Hotel, and tell Carla I sent you. Either way, you’ll be in magical hands.

    a texan

  • Hey there. I’ve known Holli since university; I’m in Dallas now with my other half, the limey Richard Patterson, a real YBA (is that a horrible thing to type?)–I love your website and have been following it since you’s started the fr/en translation. I used to live in NYC and London.
    I’m a curator here now, for a great kunsthalle. I can send you a little list of cool spots if you’d like.


  • It you do go to Fort Worth, which is only 45 minutes away from Dallas, you should visit the Stockyards National Historic District and the Amon Carter Museum of American Art.

  • Mieux que Dallas, Garance si tu peux vient à Austin! C’est pas très loin (à l’échelle du pays évidemment!) et il y a plein de bars sympas, des concerts et l’ambiance sur SoCo mérite le détour.
    Je suis installée dans cette ville depuis cette été et j’adore!

  • Leave immediately…and come down to AUSTIN!!!! ;)

  • I’m not sure if you’re a big art fan or not but there is currently a Lucian Frued exhibit in Fort Worth that is life changing. I highly recommend making a stop over that way to see it.

  • Meg Fitzpatrick 17 octobre 2012, 11:44 / Répondre

    Garance –

    I am soooo excited….I live in Dallas, love this City to pieces and love you, too.

    Things to do:

    Take a guided walking tour of the Dallas Arts District through the Dallas Center of Architecture. Their website: If you are not here on Saturday, when the tour usually happens, please let the Program Director, Greg Brown, know that you would like a special tour and ask for me. As one of the Center’s certified tour guides, I would be delighted to be your walking tour guide.

    Have lunch at the Renzo Piano-designed Nasher Sculpture Center which is also in the Arts District. By the way, the owners of NorthPark are the daughter and son-in-law of Raymond and Patsy Nasher. Mr. and Mrs. Nasher are the couple responsible for this incredible collection of modern and contemporary sculpture.

    For a clothing boutique of not-to-miss clothes and accessories, visit Forty Five Ten on 4510 McKinney:

    Highland Park Village is the oldest luxury shopping center in Dallas – Hello Akris, Stella McCartney, Hermes! A nice experience.

    For Cowboy Boots, look to West End of Dallas and Wild Bill’s Western Store…not far from the Arts District.

    When will you be at Neiman’s in NorthPark next week? It would be such a hoot to meet you.

    Meg Fitzpatrick
    Call me maybe? USA mobile: 941-993-2746

  • Come to San Antonio!!!!!!!!

  • Kiran VibhakarBillie 18 octobre 2012, 12:42 / Répondre

    Garance, I have no real input on Dallas….there was a comment that said go to LUSH, YESSSS do go there…try their bath bombs…amazzzzzzing. Also, Olive Branch is my fave shower gel with some RUB RUB RUB bath scrub! Enjoy. Love waking up to your website. XOXO

  • Bishop arts district would be fun, stop by Hunky’s to get a bite in a 50’s diner joint. Also, Froggie’s 5 and 10 is a cool toy shop if you want strange souvenirs. Forty Five Ten, and amazing amazing shopping stop is just around the corner from there on Mckinney.

    Northpark mall is a really good shopping stop though.

  • The cowboy boots make me think about a friend of mine who had a friend who went to Dallas, Texas. He bought a wonderful pair of cowboy boots made in leather (snake) and packed it in his suitcase with caution. Once he arrived at CDG and took his luggage to home (he was so excited to open and see his cowboy boots!!).. He found a pair of horrible flip flops instead of it!! Too bad for him lol! Have good time in Texas!

  • Venir à Austin. S’il vous plaît. Vous allez l’adorer. Et amenez-Scott ! Mais, nous n’avons pas le mode. Seule une attitude différente.

  • This Dallas transplant, Brooklyn resident advises you make a beeline for V.O.D. (fantastic shopping, a personalized experience, likeminded folks to be sure) and then have lunch (or any meal, for that matter) at Public Social. Gloria’s for margs…and really take advantage of the vintage scene. It’s something out your aunt’s closet: unearthed treasures abound xx

  • Tu trouveras peut-être de magnifiques robes mexicaines (pour 15$) dans les thrift shops. Ceci dit, je connais mieux Austin (SXSW oblige).

  • Swing by Austin! The cosiest town (and Capital of Texas) with the kindest People. + Lots of nice caf?es and vintage/antique shops.
    Have a great trip – can’t wait to see the pictures :)

  • Le Texas, alors là jamais mis les pieds, donc désole pas de bons plans! En revanche toi tu peux m’aider, la semaine prochaine je pars en Corse pour le boulot, à Propriano, et l’anniversaire de mon homme tombe pendant qu’on y sera, tu aurais le nom d’un restaurant sympa pour l’occasion, même si c’est pas dans Propriano ( mais pas a l’autre bout de l’île, déjà fait à pâques dernier!) merci mon guide! (ma boutique vintage!)

  • Wouhahah la chance ! j’y allais quand j’était petite, au Texas, alors la seule chose que je peux te conseiller, c’est de manger la glace Bluebell, c’est la meilleure du monde, j’étais même allée visiter l’usine. Have fun !

  • désolée mais – malgré un séjour de 12 jours à Dallas-Texas (comme ils disent !) chez des amis, je n’en garde pas un souvenir impérissable en matière de shopping ! C’est une ville typiquement ‘à l’américaine’, plate, étendue, avec d’immenses zones commerciales et un petit centre ville, où on trouve quand même l’incontournable Neiman Marcus où tu vas donner ta conférence (dans mon souvenir, c’est un peu le Printemps version top luxe)

    Mais à la limite, je pense qu’il faut prendre cette ville comme ça, avec ses suburbs typiques, ses maisons immenses avec gazon impec’, les clubs privés avec piscine-tennis-restau où on se retrouve entre voisins… c’est un peu comme si on voyait le décor de Desperate Housewifes en vrai !!

    Ah si, j’ai évidemment été prise d’une envie subite de santiags à Dallas, finalement achetées sur une zone commerciale, mais celles qui me faisaient VRAIMENT rêver étaient effectivement à Fort Worth : cuirs sublimes, couleurs démentes, et des demi-pointures en longueur et largeur ! (d’où, chères, of course) Attention, au moins une heure de route jusqu’à Fort Worth quand même…

    Et le musée Six Floor (dédié à l’assassinat de Kennedy) m’a bouleversé, je ne m’y attendais pas à ce point…

    Bon sinon, on avait été dans le super restau classe de la ville où il faut réserver 3 mois à l’avance, mais on avait été invité par nos potes, j’ai lamentablement oublié le nom… (call me « guide touristique moisi » !!)

  • J’ai hâte de voir les photos :)


  • rencontre jane aldridge! jla kiffe ouech. ce serait interessant n’empêche

  • Daaaallllllas- ton Univers impitoya-a-ble !
    J’y suis allée il y a un an et demi.
    J’ai pas trouvé ça génial (par rapport à NY… le centre ville est franchement ennuyeux, d’ailleurs, il n’y a pas de centre ville !)…c’est très déstabilisant pour nous, les européens de ne pas tout trouver dans les centre-villes. Il faut aller à l’extérieur (moi qui aime marcher pour découvrir une ville… j’étais un peu déçue).
    Par contre, je me suis quand même bien marrée… J’ai commencé par visiter la bibliothèque d’où ils avaient tiré sur Kennedy… Je n’ai pas réussi à trouver l’assassin…. Du coup, je suis allée au ranch de Dallas (et oui, le vrai, et oui, j’ai osé !!!), et là, j’ai essayé de trouvé qui avait tiré sur JR !! Mais j’ai pas trouvé non plus… Du coup, je suis allée faire du shopping ! Au Galleria Mall, bof bof, mais bon…. vu que je fais du marketing, le Galleria Mall est un passage obligé, tout comme l’American Doll Store (ils sont fous ces américains !!!)
    Ca reste tout de même un bon souvenir ce voyage, car quand ton es au Texas, on se sent pousser des bottes de cowboy ! et on trouve ça très, très cool.

  • des santiags rouge ! :P

  • Hello,
    You should visit the Kimbell Art Museum and the Amon Carter Museum in Forth Worth. Inspiring art, wonderful architecture, right next to each other. If you love Art Deco architecture, see the Fair Park in Dallas.

  • guau, an chapeau de cow girl you must have for your visit¡¡¡¡¡

  • Dallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas, son univers impitoya-a-able!
    (désolée, moi aussi c’était plus fort que moi!)

    Profite bien de ton séjour,

    see you,

  • wohoo, have a nice trip! I have my relatives there so my trips are all about the family and.. well.. driving fast on the highways at night)) Great roads!

  • Garance- i live in Dallas and work in fashion (formerly NYC) and am a designer/writer- I would love to show you around! Agree with Nasher Sculpture Center- and Northpark
    is the best mall here. Dallas is not cowboy-ish (i’m from the east coast and realized that when i move here ;)
    email me if you’d like to lunch…or be shown around! i’d be delighted!
    [email protected]

  • santamaria 18 octobre 2012, 8:48 / Répondre

    Bonjour Garance,
    Je ne connais pas d’adresse au Texas en revanche, auriez-vous quelques idées de B and B ou de chambres d’hôtes à New York
    Par avance, un tout grand merci
    Et, je vous souhaite de belles rencontres au Texas

    @ tout bientôt de vous lire


  • véronique 18 octobre 2012, 9:17 / Répondre

    Oh la la, ce post est très délicat à écrire car je ne voudrais vexer personne et surtout pas toi qui est une de mes bulles de champagne quotidiennes. Mais mon boulot actuel et mon inclinaison naturelle me rendent particulièrement sensibles aux fautes et cela fait plusieurs fois que je remarque que tu écris « je serais » alors que l’on doit écrire « je serai ». Ce « s » sert à faire la différence entre le futur « je serai pour sûr au Texas, quoi qu’il se passe » et le conditionnel « je serais au Texas si je n’étais pas à Paris ». C’est une faute commune, quotidienne même chez nos concitoyens, mais à chaque fois que je la croise, cela me pique les yeux. Encore une fois, j’espère que tu ne m’en voudras pas mais comme dirait mon amie texane d’Austin « it’s for the best, honey »

  • Je fais durant ces deux semaines, du cat-sitting chez des amis qui sont au Texas (lui vient de là) et ils me ramènent la panoplie du cowboy!!! Mais comme d’hab. je mise tout sur le stetson.
    Si ils mes donnent des tuyaux je reviens.

  • Je suis sûr que tu connais déjà ce blog mais je t’envoi quand même le lien de son guide design de Dallas, il y a toujours de bonnes adresses à visiter, manger ou boire !

    Bon voyage !

  • Of course you can wear cowboy boots! Not sure you will find too many places to ride horses in Dallas. It’s more NYC than country with the boob jobs to boot! As one of my best friends likes to say about her Texas size hair, « Tease to Jesus! »

    There is an Italian restaurant in Highland Park Village I love if you have time you should try it. Sorry the name is escaping me at the moment.

    I like the Dry Bar for a blowout but that really isn’t Dallas and I know you want to experience Dallas at it’s best.

  • I second the recommendation to visit V.O.D. boutique. Also, you may want to check out Cavender’s Boots for the « real » Texan boot buying experience. Cavender’s is an ENORMOUS boot and cowboy hat haven / chain that is all over Texas. The first few times I went in I was mesmerized; mostly by the cowboy hat collection– and I know you love hats! Hats in every shape, size, color! AND! Guess what!? The secret is that if you like any hat, the hat clerks there will custom CUT the brim (to make it shorter as needed), shape it, and fit the hat for your head and body/stature for free. Try it! A memorable fashion experience!

    As for boots– looks for Luchesse or Old Gringo brand boots– those are very popular brands among women here!

    Lastly, I agree with the comment that perhaps you should arrange to meet Jane and Judy Aldridge at They are a dynamic fashion duo with so much style — Jane creates one of my favorite blogs besides yours! Bisous!

  • Dallas is for shopping while Fort Worth is for culture. If you go to Fort Worth you need to go to the Stockyards and eat at Joe T Garcia. It has wonderful outdoor seating. Get the fixed meal. The sangrias are wonderful! The best I have ever had, not sweet. There are stores to get cowboy boots all around that area.
    I agree that you have to visit the Cowgirl Museum – very well done. Camp Bowie Street is a brick street that has little independent owned stores.
    For a funky experience you can go to the Mary Kay Museum in Dallas. This was a lady that started a cosmetic company many years ago that originally was into pink. It’s heyday has passed but a piece of Texas Americana.
    James Avery Jewelry stores are also unique to Texas. Good quality. They started out as only silver material but have crossed to some gold. Religious overtones. If you like charms and crosses this is the place to go.
    Then head out to San Antonio.
    Have a wonderful time!!

  • Go see the Lucien Freud exhibit at The Modern in Fort Worth! It’s the exhibition’s only stop in the US.

  • Sending you an email shortly with the low-down on Dallas. So excited to welcome you to our city!!

  • NM NorthPark is thrilled to have you visit us next week.
    Can’t wait to see you for the event
    Thursday, October 25
    Designer Sportswear, Level Three
    6:30 pm
    NorthPark Center
    [email protected]

  • I have never been to Texas before but when I think of Texas I think ranches and horses so I would say, horse riding! Definitely!

  • For delicious drinks and food in an understated, up-and-coming neighborhood, go to the Cedars Social. It’s across form South Side on Lamar and NYLO hotel (which also has great food and drinks and a wonderful view of the Dallas skyline). It’s in an unmarked building a la 1920’s speakeasy. It’s really laid-back and cool, but not to scene-y and one of my favorite spots in the city :)

  • from*

  • I’ve always heard that Dolly Python has the best vintage cowboy boots

    It is an amazing vintage store. If you think of a line bisecting central Dallas east to west, following a road we locals call « knox-henderson, » you can see many of the places already suggested in only a few miles, starting with Pearl Cup for coffee to the east, zig-zag to Dolly Python (a tiny bit south), Gypsy Wagon (back on the path for cowgirl chic & more boots), Velvet Taco (yum), Forty-Five-Ten (cool place).

  • Une française qui va au Texas doit absolument avoir vu Paris Texas de Win Wender avant non? Et la scène de Nastassja Kinski dans son pull mohair rose décolleté dans le dos est tellement wahooooouu…. Si si c’est un prérequis c’est sûr!

  • Definitely WEAR cowboy boots! They are so in right now :) Enjoy the city, its pretty cool… Go party on the lake and if you have time you should swing by Austin. It is pretty much the coolest city in Texas. Next trip you do to the south, you should definitely come to New Orleans! The Europe of the south :)

  • Come down to Austin.

  • Sooo happy that you are coming to Dallas. You absolutely must not miss out on the Nasher scultpure garden in downtown. It is an oasis of sublime architecture by Renzo Piano downtown.

  • Hi Garance! Love your blog….I usually don’t comment but this is a subject I do know something about. I lived in Dallas for 13 years. Specifically Highland Park which is near North Park Mall. Like some of the other posters have said – FORGET the cowboy boots or any kind of « western » themed activities. This is a chic and stylish town. Save cowboy boots for Fort Worth, San Antonio, or Austin.

    just a few FAV things:

    – Forty Five Ten
    – Highland Park Village
    – Knox/Henderson street (Dolly Python’s)
    – Nasher Sculpture Center
    – Coffee at the Pearl Cup
    – Dive bars on Greenville Avenue
    – 5 star restaurant called « Abacus »

    Have fun in Dallas…..wish I could be there…..I live in California now!!! Bon Voyage!!!

  • oh yeah & Patrizio’s!!! Best Tiramisu in town.

  • Une entrevue avec Jane Aldridge (seaofshoes) et/ou sa mère serait vraiment cool!!

  • Garance,

    I’ll be so sad to miss you! I’m not even from Dallas (I call Austin/Houston home), but I’m currently out of state. To think that you’ll even be in the vicinity of my home city makes me so incredibly jealous of my friends at home.

    BUT: If you’re looking for the best taco you’ve ever had in your life. TORCHY’S TACOS. It’s an Austin thing, but I know they have one up in Dallas.

    Find it. Devour it. Enjoy.

  • Garance,

    I’m so upset that I won’t be able to join you at Neimans on Thursday!! I’ll be performing with a modern dance company in Fort Worth that night. Any chance you’ll be visiting with readers other places during your visit? I’d love to know!

  • Garance!!

    I am so exciting that you are coming to Dallas, TX!! I live in Fort Worth, which is about 45 minutes away. Dallas is such a lovely city, and most of the commenters have covered all the wonderful places you could visit! You may consider visiting Smoke {restaurant} at the Belmont Hotel.

    Cannot wait to hopefully see you/meet you!!

    xo, sam

  • I miss Dallas! If I have a day in Dallas/FW I’ll
    go to Kahn’s Art Museum, my favorite
    place, the architecture and the collection are
    equally beautiful. Then I will go to the Japanese
    Garden in the Botanical Garden, very peaceful.
    For a truly texan experience, go to Stockyards
    to have ribs at Riscky’s.
    In the afternoon, Fortyfiveten, Piano’s Nasher
    Sculpture Garden and La Duni.
    Have fun!

  • Lindsey, Houston 19 octobre 2012, 9:52 / Répondre

    If you have time, go to the Kimbell Art Museum, designed by Louis Kahn, in Fort Worth!

  • You should try to come to Fort Worth to visit the museums. They are all in walking distance of each other, and you will not be disappointed. And go to Angelo’s for barbecue—get a combo plate and a large (beer)!!

  • cynthia hacinli 19 octobre 2012, 10:34 / Répondre

    Don’t miss Angelo’s in Fort Worth for BBQ (chopped, not sliced, and on a bun), beer, and « brownies, » a paper cone filled with the crazy delicious crusty ends of brisket. Better than chocolate. Sit at a long communal table and wear your cowboy hat. Everyone else is.

  • Fais un tour à AUSTIN, c’est 1000 fois plus cool que Dallas…!

  • Corinne 19 octobre 2012, 5:10

    Yes. Exactly. Come to Austin! :-) La ciudad mas bonita. (it’s funny all the spanish comments) Better yet, come for SXSW. Springtime citywide music/film/interactive festival. So fun!

  • I second the Japanese Gardens!!! They are all into the Japanese Maples. By the By, Ariat boots are the most comfortable boots. Luchesse or Old Gringo brand boots are very fashionable but are not comfortable to me. Make sure to get half a size up so you can wear Smart Socks under if you buy those brands. Of course the most comfortable boots are hand made but as you say Oh la la for the cost. I wear my Ariats all the time in winter. I have to agree with some of the bloggers, Dallas is not the place for cowboy boots as much but everywhere else in Texas with a tight pair of Jeans!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!

  • Je suis allée au Texas il y a 3 ans et j’ai trouvé cet état très beau. Les gens sont très accueillants.
    Pour les tiags, allez chez Sheplers ou Allens Boots. Les bottes de travail Justin sont magnifiques et très agréables à porter. Les tiags Ariat sont aussi très belles.
    Mon meilleur conseil: prenez beaucoup de temps et essayez !

    N’hésitez pas à visiter Gruene, un petit village, resté en l’état. Vous y croiserez peut-être les Hingalls!

    Pour la vue, aller dîner au Lac Travis un soir. Ce n’est pas un gastronomique, mais le coucher de soleil sur le lac est somptueux.

    Pour les courses, les centres « ourlets » sont plein de marques et très abordables.

    Bien que très touristique, Fortworth est plutôt sympa à visiter et le soir chez Billy Bob vous pourrez assister à un rodéo. Il faut être un peu fou pour monter sur des bêtes enragées.

    San Antonio est très mignon, et si vous avez la tête dans les nuages, faites un tour à Houston pour le centre spatial.

    Si vous êtes d’humeur patriotique, vous trouverez la bannière étoilée déclinée sous de multiples formes. (avec plus ou moins de bons goûts!)

    Très bon voyage et Yeahh

  • I’m recommending to you things all within the neightborhood:
    4510 – an amazing boutique for a very interesting and curated collection of clothes, accessories and things.
    Javier’s for excellent mexican food and ambiance.
    Go to Highland Park Village to shop and grab a bite to eat (Patrizio’s, Cafe Pacific, Bistro 31…) The Monkey Bar on the third floor of Mi Conina for a tiny bar for good drinks and appetizers. (The food is much better at Taco Diner than Mi Cocina. They are owned by the same company)
    Rex’s has amazing seafood though the restaurant doesn’t look like much.
    R+D Kitchen has really delicious food (Hillstone’s across the street and owned by the same people is also delicious, but much heavier than r+d)
    Shinsei…must try… Asian fusion and sushi. Heavenly.
    The Grape is awesome. Go on Sunday and get the burger.
    Bolsa is fantastic, especially for brunch.
    Luccia’s for excellent Italian.
    Dream Cafe and Company Cafe serve really good breakfast as well.

    Other Places:
    Bishop Arts District
    The Design District
    The Crescent (Stanley Korshak!)

    And for the best cookies you’ll ever have, go to JD’s Chippery in Snider Plaza (try a ham&cheese muffin too!) and then pop over to Sebastian’s boutique as well!!

    I hope this has been helpful!

    Oh, and the mermaid bar in Neiman’s is good too! Don’t forget to try the spiced tea, and I recommend the Mahi-Mahi tacos.

  • There’s an amazing souffle restaurant call Rise that you must try. Everything there is heavenly, and yet somehow… low-cal!

  • Have a wonderful trip! I think it would be fun for you to do one of your interviews with Judy (mom) and Jane (daughter) Aldridge of and I expect you would hit it off if you haven’t met already.

    Also, Ken at is very nice and I know they have great vintage (near Dallas in Carrollton:

    P.S. Please convince Scott to schedule San Francisco as the last domestic stop on his book tour & come too!

  • Maybe you already answered but what kind of conference are you going to give Garance??

    Have fun in Texas, soo different from NYC I guess!

  • if you have time you should go to the nasher museum for art+culture, fuel city (yes it’s a gas station) for some of the best taco’s in dallas and you should hit up The Office of Angela Scott boutique in Victory Park that just opened, some of the most beautiful handcrafted, goodyear welted women’s shoes. welcome to texas.

  • Go to the Velvet Taco on 3012 North Henderson Avenue, delicious texas food in a wonderfully retro spot. ….Also Garance you must go to the Dallas Museum of Art and Nascher Sculpture center, both right next to each other). DMA has an exceptional modern collection that is as good as any you find at MoMA.

    Bon chance à Texas! N’oublie pas votre ‘cowboy boots’!

  • Skip all of that Dallas stuff and come to Austin. It’s a lot cooler anyway! :)

  • Please, no cowboy boots in Dallas! It’s much like any other large city- urban with a mix of people. You might see some boots, but it’s not a common sight to see.

    Is your talk at Neiman Marcus open to the public? I would love to come!


  • YES! GO RIDING! The best way to enjoy the southwest and the landscape is on horseback, in my opinion. No cowboy boots necessary, just comfortable clothes, a pair of sunglasses, a bottle of water and sunscreen. (And a camera; you especially!) And if you’re new to riding, maybe a couple of aspirin to take before you go to bed. But seriously, try it!

  • Come to MADISON in Highland Park Village! Interior designers, Kirsten & Kelli (NYC natives) bring all of their favorites from around the globe –especially Madison Ave — to live in their little haven of sparkle and fun. It really has un petite je ne sais quoi and I think you’d love it! Then stop around the corner at Frederick Fekkai. They would love to invite you to have an experience to remember! Nobody does hair better than Texas ;) Consider it! xx m

  • You really should meet this woman:

    Her interior decor sense is SUPER, over the top, amazeballs, and she’s a mom, and I think you might find her fascinating considering she is a little older and making it happen with a blog and business and travels and all sorts of stuff that would make her a great subject for your « careers » section.

    Just a thought.

    Have fun!

  • aaaaah – Dallas is so awesome.. I’ve only been there once years ago – but I love the South :) Shoppingwise – I mean I was in my early teens back then… so – the Galleria was just awesome. It’s this enormous mall. Then again, for an Austrian anything in the States just seems to be just so much bigger..

  • You must go to Rise. I know that you have access to wonderful French food all of the time, but this place is very special. It specializes only souffles and it is truly amazing! Reading through your comments and see it has been suggested. It inspired me to perfect my own souffles. I was in Dallas for two years for work and this was the best find in the city.

  • il faut que yous mangiez la cuisine Mexicaine.

  • I’m so sad I’m missing your visit to my home town!! En fait je suis assistante de langue anglaise en Bretagne cette année scolaire :) But I just had to comment to say I read your blog every day and am so happy that you’re visiting. I agree with all the commenters that said the Nasher is fantastic. I also agree that you will find the cowboy culture more so at the Stockyards in Fort Worth (and surrounding attractions such as Billy Bob’s) than in Dallas. Crooked Tree Coffeehouse in Uptown is the best and a great place to camp out for a few hours if you need to get some work done! You must try Tex-Mex (Blue Goose is good), BBQ ribs, and a really good burger (The Grape!) if you can. I’m kind of surprised no one has mentioned Denton at all… it’s very different from Dallas and I find that it is similar to Austin in the sense that it is more grungy than Dallas and has a good music scene. So many more things to say!! But hopefully you will have a good enough experience that you will want to come back :)

  • Je suis fascinée par le Texas et tout ce qui y est lié. Le look cowboy, far west, m’inspire beaucoup pour mes creas, j’.ai hâte de lire ce que tu auras à nous dire et surtout de voir des images sans oublier tes illustrations toujours parfaites.
    À très vite

  • Zaza Couture – a voir!!! Couture pour les enfants, sourtout pour les petites filles – style tres vif & progressif :)

  • Trish Sullivan 22 octobre 2012, 12:53 / Répondre

    Come to Austin and let me take you vintage shopping and out for avocado margaritas!

  • Te régaler au Cosmic Café !
    2912 Oak Lawn Avenue Dallas, TX 75219

  • Super le voyage mais la conférence c sur quoi ? biz et bon sejour

  • Si tu as la chance (et le temps), c’est à Austin qu’il faut aller. C’est loin d’être la capitale de la mode mais tu tomberas en amour avec la cool attitude de cette ville. Il faut booker au moins une nuit à l’Hôtel Saint Cecilia, c’est vraiment top:

  • Grange Hall (quirky and interesting, well worth a visit). Hadleigh’s. (custom bow ties, suits, and the coolest custom slipper/flats that can be worn while pounding the pavement between shows. you can have an array of colors to coordinate throughout the day.) When you have been to Colette, live in NY, roam the streets of Italy, it is hard to find things unique. I think these two suggestion might be interesting for you.

  • Garance, nous avons grande hâte que tu publies tes photos de Dallas et surtout des dessins de tes voyages !

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