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Dani Shapiro

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Dani Shapiro

Il me faudrait des années pour comprendre que tout dans la vie est une question d’entraînement : écrire, conduire, marcher, se brosser les dents, préparer des repas, faire les lits, cuisiner le dîner, faire l’amour, promener le chien, même dormir. Nous nous entraînons en permanence.

– Dani Shapiro


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  • I love this quote. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dave Liston 13 juin 2019, 5:05 / Répondre

    Dear Ms Shapiro, I listened to you telling your story on the radio this morning and although it was a little sad a thought crossed my mind and it was that if the child that became you had been the child of your father (mother’s husband) and mother then that child could not be you as we are all the product of a unique set of genes then you are the child of your mother and genetic father and could not exist as the child of your mother and the gentleman you believed to be your father. So your very existence came about as a result of these odd circumstances. Maybe somehow it was meant to be! Good luck with your career. Dave.

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