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Date Night Nerves

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Date Night Nerves


Depuis quelques temps, je sors à nouveau avec quelqu’un (on y va lentement mais sûrement…) et donc je suis à nouveau confrontée à toute la nervosité et au stress qui avaient disparu du temps de ma relation durable. J’ai la très mauvaise habitude de stresser de façon IRRATIONNELLE avant n’importe quel événement (vous devriez me voir avant les enregistrements de podcast… c’est la honte mais je n’y peux rien !) – et ce stress se traduit bien sûr dans ma vie sentimentale. Mais aussi dans la GARDE-ROBE qui va avec. Surtout quand il fait 30 degrés et super humide dehors…. Je ne sais pas du tout quoi mettre pour une date. Je crois qu’il me faut au moins 3 tenues pour aborder cette phase de ma vie…

Jean noir, petit top sympa et talons pas trop hauts ?

Ou alors robe et sneakers ?

Je sèche pour la troisième !??

Tous les conseils sont les bienvenus. Vous mettez quoi, vous, pour une date ?


Ajouter le votre
  • Petite robe et veste en jean!

  • A comfy t, short shorts, a cute flat and a scarf that pulls all the colours together. Signature sunnies are also a must in hot weather. Have fun out there!

  • Just choose something you are comfortable in and which shows a bit of ypur personality. Try a dress in a light weight fabric such as linen, a loose shirt-dress or lightweight trousers and flow-y top. And I’d say always add a red lip to whatever you are going to wear :)

  • Jeans, chemise blanche, jolis talons, rouge à levres, decontraction, humour, naturel. Cool quoi !!! Rien à perdre, au contraire..tout à gagner !

  • How about a skirt with an off-the-shoulder blouse and sandals. Didn’t Garance wear a skirt on her first date with Chris?

  • I usually wear all black. I know, boring, but I find it to be easy, flattering, and evening sexy. It consists of a great pair of fitted trousers or jeans, a black button down shirt, a little sheer, a red lip, and sometimes a heel. It depends how much walking I will end up doing in the city. So sometimes a great smoking loafer. You will be great. It just takes a little practice to get back into the swing of things. That being said. Wear what makes you feel most confident and good inside.

  • Natalie 23 août 2016, 10:48

    You can’t go wrong with black! Thank you for the encouragement xx

  • Something simple in which I feel pretty, sexy and confortable. Being confortable is the key to not care about your clothing once you’re with the guy. And also, an outfit that I could wear any other time, it is necessary that your outfit reflects your personality, because : he wants to meet YOU.

  • Natalie 23 août 2016, 10:48

    So true!! x

  • I would suggest you to wear your favourite dress / jeans with a nice, feminine blouse etc. because the main question is to have self-confidence! Maybe it is said too much, but that is your best accessory that guys adore. They just want to see the real you and it is sure (I made a survey with my boyfriend about it :D) that the want to run away when they see an overcomplicated outfit. That is for the fashion weeks ;)

  • This is going to sound super cheesy, but: wear a smile! Honestly, have a great time.
    I’m married to my first love (9 years girlfriends, 6 years married!) so I wouldn’t know what to do if I had to start dating… I would be so nervous… Oh, and maybe I’d wear the black jeans and cute top ;)

  • Natalie 23 août 2016, 10:47

    Great advice! xx

  • Gérard Pehau Arnaudet 23 août 2016, 6:09 / Répondre

    Aussi jolie aucune inquiétude tout est ravissant sur vous

  • Since it is confidence that is sexy, take whatever makes you feel confident and make it little flirty. If it is pants and button down, unbutton it little more; if it is skirt and blouse, let skirt be little shorter. No sneakers, only heels of any height.

  • I prefer on hot days a pants of soft silk & match it with a simple one shoulder shirt. The colour in a soft grey. High Heels for a nice movement –
    To compansate for take a Shopperbag, instead of a small one. Lipstick in nudemauve. So your Look says, that you are looking gorgeous, but with a part of coolness – what makes you more sexy. ENJOY

  • A little more practical advise, when I was dating or when I have to give a big presentation at work, I always make sure I wear a top that will NOT show if I’m sweating. That is my number one requirement, because antiperspirant isn’t a full seal for me. Thus, I usually wear a dark navy or black but make sure that it’s not something I wouldn’t wear say on our fifth or sixth date. It annoyed me when a man would flip the switch a few dates in and relax into their normal life/clothes/behaviors because they set the expectation on the first few dates that being polished and charming was just them au natural; so I tried not to do that myself.

  • Midi length 50’s-style dress and a sensible heel! Cropped Vetements-like jeans, a tee, sneakers + a summer coat if it’s getting chilly. Midi length skirt, kitten heels and a nice fitted top. Have fun! x


  • I am right there with you, especially all the nerves and insecurities that disappeared in my recently-ended long relationship and are now back in full force as I begin to date again, and having just moved to NYC, it’s all a little much. But sometimes it’s good to be shaken from complacency; to take stock of who I am now and how I want members of the opposite sex to view me, especially on a first date. I’m not a gal of my 20s anymore, dammit, I’m a grown adult woman! I believe that a lot of this can be conveyed through clothing, which is why I am waiting until jeans, sweater, and boots season to really begin dating in earnest!

  • Wear a dress. You’ll see why when you do.


  • The photo above is adorable! Hair down and a smile is all that is needed. xx

  • Oooh, how exciting! For a date, you never want to look like you tried–you’re just stopping in on your way to something else!–but you want to give the illusion of being effortlessly gorgeous anyway haha.

    Clothes: something you’re comfortable in and know you look good in, especially if it’s your « favorite » something! I don’t usually wear dresses, so for me, I would feel a little out of my element; I always wear jeans, so I usually wear my sexiest pair with a plain but flattering top, and then cute shoes. But if you often wear dresses, choose your favorite and a nice shoe you can walk in.

    Hair: natural but pretty. Full-on blowouts are really cringey, as is you-can-tell-it’s-been-curled hair. My « pretty natural » hair is anything but–I curl all of it, hairspray, and then brush it all out; it gives it a nice body without any curls that looks like what my natural hair should be, in a fantasy world haha.

    Makeup: same as above, unless you prefer a statement look. Also, do a lip stain, not a lipstick, if you like color–lipstick runs the risk of getting on your teeth or fading unevenly as you eat; stain will stay on with no potential for embarrassing slip-ups. And wear fluttery mascara, not heavy clumpy mascara–it makes all the difference.

    I hope your dates go well–keep us posted :)

  • Dress and sneakers- very cool, and effortless and works for any date location – good luck x

  • Moi je sors le grand jeu, après tout si on ne le fait pas pour son amoureux pour qui le fait-on ? En général un truc assez sexy mais toujours classe, genre combishort noire avec dos nus, robe rouge et sandales… Faut pas trop en faire, que ce soit subtil, que le garçon nous trouve sexy sans forcément qu’il se dise qu’on s’est habillée « spécialement » pour l’occasion

  • Genre la tenue de la photo, ça fait trop working girl quoi, on dirait qu’elle va préparer sa présentation de projet avec son mec

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