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Drive Time

COS est arrivé aux Etats-Unis !

Oui, vous le saviez, on a en déjà parlé ici. Mais on est hyper inspirés par la marque et apparemment, on n’est pas les seuls. COS a collaboré avec quelques artistes américains sur une série de petits films qui célèbrent la marque.

Mon préféré, c’est celui de Petra Collins, Drive Time, sur Los Angeles. Au cœur de l’hiver new-yorkais, s’échapper quelques minutes en Californie, c’est hyper dépaysant. Et j’adore les analogies du type « Si LA était une œuvre d’art, ce serait un tableau de Roy Lichtenstein… »

A chaque fois que je vais en Californie, je repars un peu plus séduite, et j’adore la façon dont Petra Collins réussit à capturer l’esprit artistico-bohème de la ville. Je craquerais presque un peu plus pour LA que NY. C’est peut-être plus moi ?

Et vous, vous êtes plutôt NY ou LA ?


Ajouter le votre
  • Génial ! Quelle bonne idée :)
    Pour ma part je suis plus NY


  • I’m totally NY girl…it’s in my DNA ;-)
    XOX, Gap.

  • California girl, here! Born and raised! Lived in LA for 5 years and loved every minute of it!

  • LA and proud of it!

  • I love LA where everything is so more accessible than in NY!

  • My response whenever asked which I prefer is New York at night; LA during the day.

    Born and raised on the LES. 20 years in LA, now back in Gotham. Pondering a bicoastal life.

  • No question about it, LA is the best city. i hate to reveal it, but it’s the best kept secret in USA. 25 year veteran here..
    truly truly a melting pot that NYC could only dream of, truly open to possibilities, and the Arts are what makes this city tick, financially. that’s unusual!

  • bavarian_blue 2 février 2015, 2:15 / Répondre

    I’m European based. I experienced LA as an artficial city. Without lawn sprinkling you wouldn’t find green grass or bougainville cascades there. But sun and sea are amazing! NYC is an cultural eldorado, really inspiring and not made up. What I’m badly missed in Manhattan was a refreshing breeze, met fresh air only in central park. I think I’m a San Francisco addict!

  • Everyone waters their lawn in California and the west for that matter.

  • I’m a new yorker with a caribbean heart (I was born in a beach town but raised in nyc), so in terms of beaches the whole east coast is a big let down- I do not enjoy grey water. But NYC is not about that (even though we are starting to have a lot of cool stuff built aroun the piers) New York is about its energy, the city is so vibrant, and it doesn’t matter how long you live here you are never done discovering new things. Granted some of the cool parts of the city are being driven out because of high prices and hipsterdom, and yes it hoper-competitive and some people are obsess with success, but here you can be whoever you want to be and you will be accepted, you don’t have to conform. In that sense there is no place like NYC.

    Once I looked up on SF with starry eyes, I went there ready to embrace it completely, but sadly was disappointed by it’s lack of diversity and inauthenticity. I feel the whole naturalness/organic stick going on in california/west coast (and even here in nyc among some people) to be a little forced like a fake buddha. I’m all for living healthy and mindful (I try to do that) but not because it’s a must to be hip and unfortunately that’s what I sense to be the driving force over there. I like substance and for things to have a reason for being. And if you are superficial that’s ok but own the shallowness, I would admire that more than when superficiality is tried to be covered with a mindful image, especially when people use it to make themselves feel like they are better than others; I don’t about you but sounds to me like the opposite of being a mindful person, but what do I know. I also didn’t enjoy the feeling of having peer pressure to conform, I don’t like sameness. When I was there I felt like it was in high school from a movie all the nerds together, all the drama geeks together, the very few minorities over there; I man come on could we please mingle all together and not have people forced to change anything to try to fit the group. Of course, not everyone is like that, there are a lot of great people, but that’s the general sense I got. Like I said I was very disappointed. I think Hawaiians are truly at their core what LA and SF try to be portrayed as, and maybe in the 60s it was like that in California but I didn’t see it in 2010’s.

    Any way you have to take this with a grain of salt, after all it is a hard sarcastic New Yorker talking here:)

  • I grew up in LA, and love to visit from time to time. But I would never want to live there again. Driving there can be magical–or it can be living hell, when you are stuck in traffic and it takes so long to get everywhere. . . I don’t want to live in NYC either. Middle of the country suits me fine.

  • I don’t know lA yet so I’ll go for NYC! ;)

  • Lisa Walker 3 février 2015, 11:04 / Répondre

    Born in LA and raised outside of SF! After living on both sides of the state I have to say LA is where my heart is! But I LOVE New York… And London…

  • I lived in both LA and NYC. Both are great cities and are very different. I am excited about COS being in the USA. But I am sad to see a lack of racial diversity in these videos. Both LA and NYC have such a rich diverse creative community.

  • pour une Australienne, c’est normal de préférer LA ! Soleil, voitures, villes tentaculaires, plages infinies, climat méditerranéen… Moi je préfère NY car plus européen (je suis Européenne), plus organisé, plus d’infrastructures et d’organisations (transports etc même si c’est pas au niveau UE), climat plus marqué et moins mou. Je ne comprends pas le fouillis de l’ouest américain, cette volonté de ne pas organiser la vie collective, tout devient plus compliqué. Je comprends seulement leur nature.

  • L.A. – yes! Please move out here, you will love it. The French have always loved California , my grandmother came here from Paris. Non stop flights to NYC, Paris, Sydney – the perfect home base.

  • LA is about idyllic dreaminess, NYC is about getting shit done. I have moods for both but at the end of the day, LA is too slow and soft for me to ever live there permanently.

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